Spirits warn of the threat of war and disaster

Recently, the American magazine "Travel has uolds second form," the title of which translates as "Travel to other worlds", has published a very interesting material on proskopirovaniya future attempts by spirits.

Initiated action was an expert on the occult Gabriel Woodstock. In his opinion, there was too many unscrupulous astrologers various prophets and soothsayers, many of which are capitalizing on the growing interest in the occult sciences, but in reality are nothing more than scams that have nothing to do with astrology, nor with any other occult sciences.

Woodstock invited to apply for predictions about the future of humanity in the third millennium, and to the spirits of the next century …
"These prophets are born extremely rare and, looking around, I did not notice anything until one level of Nostradamus or Jay Dixon. A perfume is known to have the ability to get into other worlds, a huge amount of information and, most importantly, no wonder that there is a belief that they can not lie … " — He said, speaking before a large audience of journalists, Woodstock.

The organization and implementation ehsperimenta Mr. Gabriel chose to limit minimum of information. He stated that it is in vain ignorant people invent, like the contact with mediums constantly go spirits such famous leaders as Joseph Stalin, Theodore Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Caesar, Vladimir Lenin, Genghis Khan or Attila. Make contact with the spirits of these individuals, a daunting task. They are reluctant to respond to the challenges of mediums, prefer not to answer and do not give any information, but because of the huge power they wield in our world, and certainly continue to have a different, could tell us a lot of interesting things.
Significantly more likely to contact the spirits are writers, actors, doctors, philosophers, and even deceased known predictors. Apparently, some want to contact by sociability and habits to the accumulation of the public, and others are seeking to finish explaining, or to explain something that does not have time for life on Earth.

Any saucers and arrows, spinning tables and other long gone. Now there is a very strong mediums who go into a trance and come into contact with the spirits. At such moments, the medium body works as both a transmitter and a receiver, internally like a vibrating membrane in the phone. It is not as simple and safe as it seems. And most importantly, requires enormous effort from the medium: it communicates with other worlds, almost getting into them through impervious to physical bodies energy barriers! There goes his astral body, do not lose touch with the physical.
It is this fact that makes it possible to contact the spirits and receive a reply from them. As noted expert on esoteric sciences, spirits sometimes help themselves come in contact with a medium fast typing on the computer, if it has not kept pace with their thoughts, and then there is just magic: appears on the screen of text, as if arising out of non-existence.
— Spirits are not afraid of computers and other electronics? — Sarcastically asked one of the journalists.
— There is nothing that would not be from God! — Immediately countered Woodstock.
The name of the medium, who took part in the event, kept secret in order to protect it from the insistent attention. Report on the design of the future with the help of spirits published magazine "Travel uolds second form," the first psychic failed to make contact with the spirit of science fiction of HG Wells, who gloom reported that humanity in the third millennium is unlikely to completely avoid global conflicts and wars. According to the spirit, just happiness, if they themselves will be localized and damped.
At the same time, he predicted the emergence of social movements against war and violence. It will begin to acquire political influence and contact with "green." They will do everything in order to change the psychology of the people and get them to look at the war, as a relic of primitive barbarism.
Third, as told psychic spirit of the great science fiction, it threatens humanity danger from computers. Computerization, according to the spirit of Wells, not only good, but also satanic evil, temptation, which can throw humanity back into its development. The conflict between the artificial and human intelligence is inevitable, and it can happen in this century. Civilization as a result will not perish, but have a lot to lose and a lot to reconsider, finding new ways of development.
Naturally, all interested in the space aliens. To him the spirit of the writer replied that he knew nothing about the possibility of the expansion of the planet Earth and hostile alien civilization.
The second spirit, indulge, was the spirit of Avicenna. He said that medical colleagues complacency — the world is full of misery and sorrow. And this creates the disease, and to wait for the terrible epidemics. "Centuries passed — complained spirit healer — and people are still busy grubbing wealth, do not think about your neighbor, are subject to envy. Would even one rich help the hungry and the poor? Rich worth remembering that the disease does not spare anyone of them to hide. should be carried in a world of good. "
And then the relationship with the medium came spirit of Nostradamus. He said that in recent years, many commentators his quatrains. "They should reduce the temperature!" Angrily tapped on a computer spirit of the prophet. In quatrains misunderstood war between East and West — the prophet spoke about the confrontation of ideologies and technologies. Although grain WWIII just may ripen in the Far East. In the words of the spirit of the prophet, "little dragons can lay an egg, from which the embryo develops massacre."

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 14 2012

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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