St. Blessed Xenia Petersburg

Holy Blessed Ksenia Petersburg (day of memory — 24 January / February 6) — the patron Saint Petersburg. In most cases, the saint prays for health, family, children, and expectant mothers.

It is understood that Blessed Xenia first born of the 17th century, the family of pious parents. Upon reaching adulthood, mixed marriage with court chanter Andrei Petrov. Quiet and happy family life cut short by the sudden death of the young wife. Inconsolable widow, who just turned 26 years old, did not want to live a worldly life. After praying for God's blessing, Holy followed the path of foolishness for Christ's sake.

After Funeral own wife Xenia donned odezhku wife and was named its naming. Porazdavala all marital property, including his house and went to live on the street. A young woman in a man's suit every day wandering the streets, causing surprise and taunts passersby. Get to know her reproachfully said, that Ksenyushka something rested, and she — Andrew F., distressed about his own wife. Someone tracked down that the NIGHT MODE Xeniaout of town on a field where prays before dawn, bowing to the ground, the four cardinal points. All offers of assistance the clothes, shoes, tools refuses. Perceived alms only good hearted and pious people, which is also distributed the same as the very poor. Soon, Fool accustomed to all the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods in which she was walking in an old rags in all weathers.

While the Smolensk cemetery erected a church. Builders are coming to work in the afternoon, fell a mountain bricks on a building site, there is coached by someone at night. Masons had only just lay them on the wall. The workers were perplexed this miracle and decided to stay the night and find out who is their assistant lurking. After sunset, they saw a lady dressed in rags, meekly raises her languid bricks to the top.

Evenly surrounding realized that the holy God himself Ksjushu stores, helping to exist in such languid criteria. Her actions and words uzrevali special meaning. The emergence of blessed anywhere there were a good sign. When she entered the house, there were advancing peace and quiet, and unhealthy households were cured of their ailments. Woman to receive the blessing of the saint, successfully getting married soon. Young mothers specifically approached her, asking prigolubit own baby. Negotiators begged blessed to come to his shop and take at least some free product, for after her visit to their institution became prosperous.

God has given the gift of Xenia build the future, read the secret thoughts and desires to bless and edify the path of the real thing. Like many Orthodox saints, it foreshadowed the death and birth, felt caught in the failure of the people and took the time to help them, begging for the return of life utopshih or died from diseases linked the lonely heart, a shelter for orphans.

Upon reaching semidesyatidvuhletnego age Holy Blessed Ksenia was designed by the Lord in the other world. They buried her on the very Smolensk cemetery, where she helped build the church. After his own death the deeds of the saint, known previously only in the capital, found out all of our motherland. A huge number of pilgrims from all over the country flocked to pray at her grave. Back to top of the burial mound more than once installed stone slabs, which are soon pulled apart into pieces believers. It was decided by means of donations to build over the burial place of the stone chapel, which was manufactured.

Since then, it has happened a lot of miracles, at the request of the accomplishments of the saint, which were praying at her tomb. Recovered unhealthy, joined the family, there were people. After the Revolution, the chapel was closed, but the flow of her guests do not run dry. Then there was a custom to write little notes with petitions holy and shove them into the cracks of the chapel. People who are unable to come in person for health, write letters to the address of the temple of God of Smolensk mother requests a Te Deum, and in return receive petals soaked in oil of at services.


In 1986, the chapel was restored and consecrated, and in 1988, the blessed Ksjushu canonized at the Local Council dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia.

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