St. Padre Pio. Priest, foresaw the future

Italian priest Padre Pio (in the world — Francesco Fordzhione) a few years he was canonized. His life was full of miracles that will amaze even the experts to study the lives of saints. In the 1950s, the priest opened the future. Thus, he predicted the September 11 tragedy of 2001 in New York and a number of subsequent attacks in the world.

Francesco was born May 25, 1887 in the village of Petrelchina province of Benevento, which was located in the Campania region of southern Italy. According to the account, he was the fifth child of a farmer, however, of the eight children of Mary grace and Giuseppe Fordzhione three died in infancy.

Five years old boy fell ill with tuberculosis. He recovered, while many die of the disease. As the spiritual father of Francesco, Father Agostino, after that little Fordzhione began religious visions. He talked with his guardian angel, Madonna and Jesus himself … The child did not see anything strange, he felt that it should be …

At the age of ten, Francesco decided to become a monk. After six years of training and a series of tests, he brought religious vows. It happened on January 27, 1907. A August 10, 1910 Brother Pio was ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Benevento. Poor health Fordzhione for life almost never left the walls of the monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo.

Perhaps the most significant event in the life of Padre Pio was in September 1918. Here is how he describes his experience in a letter to one of his spiritual father: "It was a morning in late September. I prayed in the gallery after the Mass, when an unexpected condition similar to sweet sleep came over me. All my insides, feelings, like soul power covered indescribable peace.

Around me and within me remained a profound silence, and then it all happened in an instant. I saw a mysterious figure, the like of which I have seen on August 5. The difference was that with her arms and legs dripping blood. Vision scared me, you can not describe what I felt at that moment. I thought I was dying. And would have died if God had not intervened and supported my beating heart, which is going to break out of his chest. The vision disappeared and I realized that my hands, feet and side were pierced and bleeding … "

The monk prayed for deliverance from his wounds. Over time, become invisible stigmata, but every Friday, and Holy Week are always bleeding. Stigmata disappeared only shortly before the death of Padre Pio.

Do not just have to do Padre Pio miraculous healings. One of the most incredible thing happened to a little girl named Vera Maria calender. Because of congenital kidney and ureter removed her bladder. Doctors do not guarantee that after the operation, she will live a long time. Vera's mother Maria and his two daughters went to San Giovanni Rotondo, where Padre while serving with the stigmata placed his hands on the heads of girls. Four days later, Signor calenders show faith-Maria doctors. It turned out that instead of removing the bladder began to grow a new one! Before this medicine does not know of such cases.

In the 1950s, the priest opened the future. He saw a picture of things to come and I realized that all the ills of mankind — or God's punishment or test … Their experiences Padre careful notes — the truth, in allegorical form, reminiscent of the Holy Scriptures.

At the beginning of XXI century, the researchers were surprised to find that the bursts of terrorism around the world coincided with the predictions of Padre Pio. Thus, they mentioned the tragedy in New York September 11, 2001 and the subsequent series of terrorist attacks. Countries affected by those who will unite against terrorism, said Francesco Fordzhione. A special role is played by "banking power" Switzerland: there will begin the economic and political unrest.

September 22, 1968 Padre Pio celebrated his last Mass, and on the night of September 23, departed this life. Only after more than 20 years, May 2, 1999, the church finally proclaimed him Blessed, although many ordinary Italians have long considered him a saint.

To raise man to the level of a saint by the Catholic canons, supposed to wait for another miracle: it is a sign that God agrees with this decision. And the miracle happened! In January 2000, one of eight Italian boy completely healed from a severe form of meningitis. The day before, the night of 20 January, he dreamed a monk, in which the description learned Padre Pio. Francesco Fordzhione canonization took place on 16 June 2002.

Irina Shlionskaya

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