Statement: In Belarus, build long-police dictatorship

The call to "start imposing additional restrictive measures, including visa restrictions but financial considerations, political repression against the defendants in the case on the events of December 19-20 last year, in including against the investigators of the Committee of State Security, the Ministry of Interior, which are involved in unfair trials of prosecutors and judges that render obviously illegal politically motivated sentences and their immediate supervisors' today appealed to the international community representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus (Belarusian Popular Front party, UCP, BCD, "Fair World").

This and other proposals by representatives of the democratic forces motivated by the fact that "the presidential elections in the country were the beginning of a massive campaign of repression against opponents of the regime. Thus, according to prisoners, including Ex-presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich against the accused on the events of December 19-20 apply both psychological and physical torture to force them to give testimony against themselves and persuade them to cooperate with the KGB. "

The statement also noted that "the events happening now in Belarus, are unprecedented. It would be a mistake to interpret these processes as random and short. Now Belarus is planned and systematic eradication of dissent and building long-police dictatorship. Strengthening such regime threatens the creation of hearth danger, which will be constant source of instability on the European continent. "

Teskt appeal agreed and signed electronically vyyaglyade Sergei Kalyakin, Lev Margolin, Vitaly Rymashevski and Yanukevich. We have solved, in which specific international organizations and in which countries it will be sent.

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