Storm deenergized hundreds of thousands of homes in California

Storm deenergized hundreds of thousands of homes in California

The powerful storm in the U.S. state Kaliforniyaobestocheny hundreds of thousands of homes and apartments. Wind speed, dropped about a hundred trees in Pasadena, reaching 156 km / h According to local authorities, in the south of the state without electricity was 250,000 consumers on the hill of Santa Cruz in the north of the region — about 26 thousand.

According to ITAR-TASS, the catastrophe, has also led to the delay and change the route of the 23 flights at the international airport in Los Angeles.

The most serious situation is in Pasadena — a city where the annual Rose Parade and based JPL NASA. Gusts could not stand the trees up to 30 meters, nekotrye of them fell on power lines, electrical transformers, gas stations gas stations and homes, write "Vesti FM".

Information about the victims and the victims yet. Warning of an impending storm common in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming. A day later the element moves in the direction of Oklahoma, Missouri and Indiana, the "Voice of Russia".

As previously reported, the number of victims of abnormal for the October snow storm in the east and north-east of the U.S. has increased to eight. Most of the dead were in the crash, which occurred due to poor visibility on roads and power lines and falling trees. Around three million people were without electricity.

The authorities of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts declared a state of emergency. Recall that in just two days in some areas has dropped to 80 inches of rain. As a result, canceled flights and disrupted movement of trains.

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