Stress causes the grasshoppers have a lot of carbohydrates, scientists have found

Grasshoppers under stress, by analogy with the people begin to absorb a large amount of carbohydrates, according to a study published in the journal Science.

This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the Universities of Jerusalem (Israel), and Yale (USA), conducted a series of experiments.

Grasshopper species Melanoplus femurrubrum put in two cells, one of which started as spiders Pisaurina mira — natural enemies. Task was only to scare the grasshoppers to track their responses to predators, so spiders have provided "muzzles", sticking them mandibles. Grasshoppers had a lot of stress as a result of metabolism in their bodies greatly increased and there are "brutal" appetite — a reference to the people who eat a lot of sweets, when excited. Grasshoppers absorb in a short time a large amount of carbohydrates, hydrocarbons of which perfectly digested.

In addition, "after having gorged itself" grasshoppers, as it turned out, after the death can be harmful ecosystem. Scientists discovered this by placing the remains of their bodies in the soil samples, where there was a process of humus. The activity of soil microbes fell by 62% in the laboratory, and by 19% in the field, the study said.

To verify the results of the experiment, the scientists have created a chemical model in "real time", replacing the skeletons of these grasshoppers organic "dolls", took place as the natural prototypes of carbohydrates, protein and chitin in different proportions. The results showed that the more the remains of grasshoppers was the percentage of nitrogen (contained in proteins), the better in soil degradation processes were organic.

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