Sugar turns into a desert 5000 years

Sahara, the largest desert in the world, was once a fertile pasture. That all changed with a shift of Earth's rotation, but to this day the science did not know was a sharp or gradual transformation, says "Focus."

Eight thousand years ago, the slope of the axis of rotation of the Earth is equal to 24.1?. Today the figure is 23.5?. In addition, the closest approach to the sun in the Northern Hemisphere occurred in August, and now it's happening in January.

Under the new geochemical data collected by the National Institute for Scientific Research of Canada, the eastern part of the Sahara, especially in the area of Lake Joa (Chad), dried slowly. The process was a little less than five thousand years and ended about 1100 years ago, according to

This conclusion is important for the modern man.

Changing the tilt and precession of the Earth caused by the gravitational influence of other objects in the solar system. About every 41 thousand years slope varies in the range of 22 to 25?, And precession — somewhere every 26 thousand years.

For a long time it was believed that in the next century tilt of the Earth will change slightly. However, recent studies suggest that global warming (especially its impact on the oceans) can lead to a noticeable change.

According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, the current melting of ice in Greenland is already causing a change in slope of about 2.6 cm per year. This figure, according to scientists in the coming years will increase

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