Sun-sentient being.

Sun — dominant celestial body. It is an intelligent being, managing the solar system-the part of the space you occupy.

The sun enters the space of your existence and reads vibration, touching your skin. It is intimately interconnected with all aspects of life, what you imagined them. This field is the mind, which "charges" and allows your very existence. The sun creates around you environments where a fact of your development.
Sun is interested in your spiritual development. As your spiritual growth you are providing new information to the sun when it touches you. In many cultures speak of the sun as a reasonable power, data management world. About Sun speak as God. You would be surprised if they knew who and what lives in the sun.
The sun is an illusion.

Highly worlds may hide under the guise of the sun, thus enclosing yourself from the invasion and penetration, protecting itself by force of Light.

For some, the sun — a place of learning and getting great lessons, for others — a place of initiation, through which they are to move on. It is not just the plasma, according to your scientists.
Science is a very high degree completely destroyed your interpretation of life. Science has removed the fun, vitality, mystery and joy of creation of your life process. Life has become very mundane, boring and sometimes — meaningless.
Can you imagine that the sun does not make sense? But to date, the company inflated fear of the sun, is held to impose a negative attitude towards it. People no longer feel a connection with nature, as science categorically stated that the nature of unsafe. Suspicious of the sun, the nature and the Earth has contributed to the maturing of the current crisis.
And the crisis is that you do not respect, fear not his home and does not value them. At present, the scientific community as the crisis brewed conflicting theories — and thank God, or rather, thank Goddess. Sun and Moon — "Lights" in your system, through which you have to have the most profound impact.
The sun generates its own light and, in turn, highlights the moon. The celestial bodies are constructed in the form of asteroids, moons and planets. And through these "lights" mind rays transmitted from the stars to the Sun, and then to the ground.
With the help of these waves can be read and your actions. Keeping track of your thoughts and actions "read" with your electromagnetic body, and then fed back to the sun, the moon, and then transferred to the source, in this case — in the constellation of the Pleiades.
When you move to a different point in space and look at the solar system and night sky from a different point of view, you will see that the earth, the stars and all around much shifting, changing. One of the systems, with which you are spinning, — a system with a central sun of the Pleiades, Alzen-one. Your solar system is located on the edge of the galactic spiral. Imagine that you are mentally draws a direct line between the Earth and Alcyone, wishing to connect to the central sun of the Pleiades. And then, when you reach the Alcyone, someone will say to you: "There is one central sun around which everything we rotate." Then you spend the line toward him. Again, someone tells you about the existence of other central bodies. And you continue to draw their straight lines here and there.
In your universe billions of galaxies, and you live in only one of them. As you draw straight lines show some geometric configuration. We are all much simpler. In fact, all is not well, but we create for you an image that would help you to understand certain concepts. When you draw a line in the imagination and energy data (by thought) connects one central sun to the other, you tie together the collection of the mind.
This collection of intelligence can be defined as the seat of the original creators, although this is not entirely true. Rather, it is the seat of one of the gods, creators or one of his representatives. Or place of residence of the experiment of the Great Masters Games.
Imagine that an intelligent being, and acting manifested in many dimensions and planes of existence, consists of a central sun of your universe, scattered around his so-called body. Through these Suns are managed worlds. All the growth is directed to these luminaries. It is your sun allows you to be light, and light is what allows you to see the map itself to the outside world.
Sun-lord, the lord of your system, what is it you think. This is a sensitive point given region of space. Sun reads the information on its creation and, in turn, give them what they need. So when you are in love for the world and to themselves, sunlight understand you and help you walk your outlook to your life experience.
When the intensity of the energy processes of the planet ever accelerating pace, the process is translated into a process space as improper use of energy, and the Sun reads this information. Sun corresponds sochuvstvovaniya heart center. It allows you to be the life and activates life. You can not hide from the sun information, as the Sun reads information on the vibration level. Many people try to go underground to keep their activities secret.
Think about the consciousness of the Sun, which looks to you. The sun touches all major points of different light cycles, making sure that happens with every "cog" and each "Gadget." The sun feels and regains knowledge of what is happening. And then you decide to be self-expression. It is learning how to balance and correct the disharmony of their creations. The sun is changing. Sun and many of his powers begin to conceive and implement the phenomenal changes, sending information to all aspects of your being. Within the different plans and there are many aspects of the existence of other planes and dimensions — and so on to infinity.
Understand that there is always a higher plane of opportunities if you so choose. Soon there will be a significant increase in solar activity. Energy from the sun will burn and expand, sending into space high doses of gamma radiation. Sometimes the sun quiet, gentle and serene, like a child. Sometimes the sun goes through periods of activity, comparable with millions of active volcanoes emitting flames and lava once. But if your mind is set in a certain way, you can easily go through such activity and to move to an area that exists outside of that illusion.
The form of the Sun-illusion, rooted deep in the nature of each solar system, in every part of the DNA of the universe. In conventional matrices and development of indigenous beliefs proclaimed that certain illusions are perceived to fail, and others — will not. Sun-root axiom, about which there can be no dispute, and which is reflected in many of the reality and really allows realities merged.
As soon as the sun is changing the quality of activated conscious inhabitants of the earth, and as the sun releases energy in the form of "solar flares" are changes to the Earth's poles.
Flares like nuclear explosions or electrical circuit devastating, thrilling millions of miles of space. Earth's poles, which are the poles of a magnet, capture this energy. They capture the energy of the cosmos and bring it to the planet.
Due to the magnetic force, the energy goes around the equator or directed towards the center of the Earth. Each pole captures solar energy, pulls her to the ground, creating a huge cylinder of vibrating energy.
Energy abruptly shifts and vibrates as it is necessary to come into compliance with the energy matrix of the Earth, directly linked to the North and South poles. But the energy matrix is largely determined by you, and to some extent all energies, merging or manifested through your version of Earth, need to meet this energy matrix or system of outlook.
Of course, things in the world is disharmonious, is not balanced. That is why the poles are displaced in space to energy matrix could capture this energy. Now that the location of the poles, which is the case, can no longer serve as a "lightning rod" safeguard humans from cosmic lightning. From an energy point of view of the current state of the poles on Earth can happen "short circuit" that will lead to the fact that "burn up plugs." To avoid total destruction, needs shift.
The poles will shift again, just like before, when there was a threat to the very existence of the Earth. From the point of view of space shift will be negligible. From your point of view, it will be quite noticeable. Solar energy creates a new vibrational frequency, which can not match the power of hatred and separation.
To be part of this matrix, the energies have to go to the vibration of love. Sun says, "Enough. We straighten energy processes. Let's see what you do this time. " Only those whose mind is not cluttered, and will be able to accommodate solar energy in your body. Those who have in the minds of a lot of negative thoughts, perceive this energy as a poison: their thoughts back to them, and can potentially lead to the physical body in a state of chaos.
The solution — keep your mind clean, cultivate clean, bright and kind thoughts have nezasorennoe body, and then you can take this energy without fear. Every time you are exposed to radiation doses of fantastic energy, you increase your intuition, psychic potential and the ability to decode DNA.
All of these abilities are enhanced in the thousands and thousands of times. This is part of the answer of the sun on your development. Sun knows who you are, so trust him, if your thoughts are clear, and it will not hurt you. Be honest, open, and in harmony with the sun and all the elements around you.
Mind manifests itself as light. We will repeat this point again: The mind manifests itself through the Light. Mind your sun keeps your solar system in their energy field. Ongoing events are associated with a source that is outside your Sun. The impacts to your Sun, are not enough to break the vibration shield around your planet.
Therefore, other sun come to the aid of Earth's sun. Your Sun emits prominences that attract cosmic rays by capturing and integrating them into the solar system. Think of the sun as a giant magnet. Solar prominences like tentacles extend in space and capture the cosmic rays. These cosmic rays — solar prominences from the central sun, localizing away in the center of the galaxy.
Imagination. It is the imagination — a means of control in your world. A certain group of beings, is not necessarily interested in the spiritual development of mankind, controls what may represent. Some of these entities are already aware that the inside of the human race now unfolding process of mutation and that the Sun is mostly responsible for this process.
To counteract your change, they create an image of the sun, which you become afraid. Thus, the mass of people blindly follow authority. There are people who take so quickly imposed his images that can create skin cancer himself, running out of the garage in his car in the sun.
Against the Sun be a whole company, as if the creators of your world have flaws in their design and made the mistake of placing the Sun at the center of your solar system. A similar idea is now imposed on people. And you people — only proving his stupidity and how you controlled — believe everything you read.
Do you believe just because the words are printed. Plants are smart, they interact with the sun and supply energy, prana, and oxygen, which give you the possibility of existence. Do not you think that the Sun is useful to people? Or do you think that the life-giving power of the sun, for plants — is a threat to people? We affirm that the sun beautifully.

Studies show that by using sun protection percent of skin cancer has increased.

The sun does not carry to the people nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong in the fact that the ozone layer disappears around the Earth. Reduction of the ozone layer allows you to gain more susceptible to the rays of the sun. Many people say, "Do not look at the sun. It is harmful. It will burn your eyes. " We say that you have to change the structure of the eye.
There will be a particular mutation of the optic nerve, which will open the vision of a new type of three-dimensional reality and look beyond it. Trust in the fact that no one has made mistakes, when the sun hoisted to the heavens. In the past, some of the ozone hole was much larger than at present. Holes are changing their size, but the size of this fluctuation is not related to the fact that they believe in your science.
Holes in the ozone layer allow different in quality and range of light energy to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere. When a new range of energy absorption is shown on a massive scale, deep within the human body is a chemical response. In fact, the radiation energy of the light changes the body at subatomic level. Those of you who understand this phenomenon may, in harmony with nature to go through this evolutionary shift.
Some aspects of this shift is not natural for you, but for the most part the process laid out in such a way as to contribute to your further spiritual development. As a result of the process of a sharp rise in the mental development of the form in a very short period of time. Thus, humanity as an intelligent species will become much stronger.
Holes in the ozone layer allows energy to pass through and accelerate the process. When you meet in the future with the space, "star" phenomenon, you will already be familiar with this kind of energy.
So now you get homeopathic doses of radiation. The main force of any system lies in its sun, and the collective consciousness of the sun shown through its rays. Therefore, when the shape of the mind travels to different star systems, the light rays can be read (or decrypted).
When the energy gain the ability to radiate the vibration brought from their star at home, their light can be read by all, as the information is transferred in a certain range of the rays. Back in the spaces of the Cosmos other entities can transfer and retrieve information within a certain range of the rays. They understand who lives within each of the Sun, what their tendencies and areas of specialization in existence.
The sun can cause a lot of useful people. Sun contains all the knowledge of shamanism. Each of you as overcome life barriers and get relevant experience, which helps you get rid of condemnation and separation, ideally comes to depth of understanding of its impact on the process of life.
Such an understanding is due to the fact that it develops your ability to carry a greater amount of light (and pass it through itself). The light that you absorb as individual consciousness merges with these energies at the grassroots level due to its very nature — unity. Other entities, this phenomenon appears as the sun or stars. Your planet will be broadcast into the universe shift in consciousness and perception of the spirit through the Light.

Thus, the Earth becomes a star on the horizon of the other worlds. This phenomenon in itself will attract to you the other worlds. They read the energy coming from the Earth as the light, and will know who you are.


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