Supersonic bokolet — the solution to all problems?

As throughout the history of aviation appeared the most challenging projects that, on the idea of their creators had to change the look of the entire industry. As shown, far not every sentence can be embodied in a metal or have adequate efficiency. Because part of the unique projects and has remained on paper. Not so long ago, it became clear that another revolutionary solution invented by the Institute of Miami (USA). The aim of the concept is to significantly improve the efficiency of freight and passenger traffic.

Supersonic "bokolet" - the solution to all problems?

Aircraft designers have long been very multiplemode faced with the problem. The fact is that under normal aerodynamic aircraft assemblies to ensure good-quality flight data at high speed to sacrifice takeoff and landing characteristics. If, however, paramount rather short run-up and run, it is likely to flow and fuel efficiency at tremendous speeds are at least average, if not unseemly. Over the last few decades of doing this is variable sweep wing. But in theory the original decision turned significant complexity and weighting structure. As a result, such a structural finding applied only to military aircraft. Not so long ago, NASA received a technical proposal, which will be able to immediately solve the problem of "compatibility" mode of flight and all of this is not very complicate the design of the aircraft.

According to the draft SbiDir-FW (Supersonic Bi-directional Flying Wing — The supersonic flying wing with 2 lines of flight), a promising liner must have a very unusual design. A team of engineers, which manages Dr. Ge-Cheng Zha, offers to cooperate on the same plane outright two wings designed to fly to the different modes. In order for such aircraft is not needed in complex systems configuration, the configuration of the wing, the plane is proposed is at right angles to each other. The wing, designed for flight at low speeds, has a higher elongation and the corresponding profile. Second plane, in turn, is calculated for supersonic flight, and has a small size and narrow profile comparable. It is understood that plane system SbiDir-FW will soar into the subsonic configuration, "leaning" on the high aspect ratio wing, and after the dissolution rotated 90 ° around the vertical axis, which will allow the aircraft to obtain the desired aerodynamic characteristics of supersonic flight. So Makar, most of the time plane will fly, so to speak, sideways.

Supersonic "bokolet" - the solution to all problems?

The proposed "bokolet" in terms reminiscent four-pointed star with asymmetrical rays. This scheme is claimed to allow modifications of aerodynamic properties without much difficulty and complexity of the design. In fact, for a turn plane SbiDir-FW must be equipped with several special systems. In 1-x, the transition from the 1st mode to the other is turning engines. Existing schemes are two turbojet engine, placed on a single base. During a turn, and the "transition" to another group wing motor rotates about the central axis, which partly provides the desired torque. The final aircraft is proposed to create a complete rotation using 2-endings deflected longish wing. During take-off promising "bokoleta" ending placed vertically and make the functions of the keels. After acceleration to the respective speed they sink in the last bottom position and become part of a longish wing after the turn "turns" in the likeness of the fuselage. By lowering the rate of the procedure is repeated in working order — motor group takes place in the same position, and the ending are rising up.

When first considering a proposal by employees of the Institute of Miami appears a few questions. For example, in the draft SbiDir-FW Secure is a reversal in the flight? During this procedure, in different parts of both wings may appear twists that an unfavorable course of events may even fall down plane the small corkscrew. Another issue concerns the profile of the wings. Of course, to ensure that enough lift the wing must be characteristic of teardrop-shaped cross-section. But after the "change" of their wings is that it is now similarity fuselage will not be symmetrical in cross section. The likely result of this — increase air resistance, unwanted vortices, etc. Not having thought over the existing schemes and the description of the idea, you can find half a dozen different things that cause severe problems: placing the crew accommodation of passengers and parry emerging congestion, the combination of the desired thickness of the wing and sufficient aerodynamic characteristics, and so on, and so similar. But Ge-Cheng Zha not share this pessimism, and argues that all the possible difficulties are identified, developed and found methods to solve them. However, the method of solution one way or the other tasks not yet disclosed.

But the doctor has announced some numbers related to the aerodynamic form of a promising aircraft. SbiDir-FW in the configuration of a business jet at speeds in the range from a half to 2-sound speeds will have aerodynamic efficiency of more than 15. These characteristics are typical of subsonic aircraft with straight wings or small its sweep. With regard to aircraft flying at supersonic speeds, then, for example, known by Concorde speed M = 2 has fineness in a couple of times smaller than the calculated SbiDir-FW. Yet, the South American designers did not sound until the weight and size is hypothetical business jet, the data of which they found. Maybe excellent flight characteristics were the consequence of a very low wing loading, or similar items are not specific aircraft standard scheme. In favor of speculation about the notorious ease "bokoleta" on the schemes submitted by states and its propulsion system — only two turbojet engine. Another plus promising scheme, according to the creators, for nuance noise operation. Argues that a sonic boom from SbiDir-FW, hovering at supersonic speed to be even weaker than that of the existing aircraft.

In general, the project SbiDir-FW while a number of challenges that have yet to be overcome. If you believe its creators, the main idea about this already, and it remains only to check them in the process of research and practical tests. In the case of successful completion of the research papers and conducting tests vsepolnotsennyh even remotely controlled model programm SbiDir-FW will be the progenitor of a revolutionary new class of multi-mode aircraft, which can be to become the market leaders and civilian transport aircraft. Well, if at least some of the stages of project development will manifest some severe and fundamentally incurable defect, the SbiDir-FW will join the list of the devices, which in some circles referred to by the term "vunderlyuft." It should be noted that the agency NASA, do not seem to accept the offer of scientists from Miami as a pre disastrous Project and is ready to connect to the studies also highlight research on severe amount.

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