Surging worlds. Cosmic wind watch online

Surging worlds.  Cosmic wind watch online

In some parts of our world rushes to the extreme weather. There are raging feral thunderstorms and typhoons, causing heavy losses and claiming the lives of about 12 thousand people each year. But in our universe there are worlds where the weather is still raging in a huge scale. Gallakticheskie storm. Maybe they seem familiar, but the size and strength should not be compared to anything else. And the weather conditions become more severe, the more we move away from the Earth. On Jupiter, the storm continued for centuries, lightning on Saturn at 10 thousand times stronger than on Earth, the temperature of blizzards Uranus is hundreds of degrees below zero, and winds on Neptune is almost 2 times the speed of sound. We can understand the true power of wind itself only if we see what kind of destruction it brought to ordinary earthly town

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