Swam up to a trillion

Until 2020, Russia will be ordering more than 1,350 commercial vessels in the amount of 1.2 trillion rubles., Ministry of Industry and counted. Almost all contracts are about to perform the United Shipbuilding Company (USC), and the main customers will be the State Oil and Gas

Ministry of Industry, together with the USC has developed a plan of orders of civil courts and marine equipment up to 2020 (a copy of the document is in "Vedomosti"). Last week, he was sent to the government, confirmed White House staff member. According to the plan, by 2020 at the Russian shipyards will ship built in 1352 (72 of them are ready). The main customers will be oil and gas companies spent 544.2 billion rubles., From the budget for the construction of the vessels will be allocated 230.9 billion rubles.
In this case, private shipyards to execute the order only by 78.6 billion rubles., And the lion's share of contracts — 1.1 trillion. — USC will get to the state, it should be of Industry and Trade of the plan (see www.vedomosti.ru). Corporation on behalf of the president is appointed sole executor of state orders for the construction of three diesel-electric icebreakers capacity of 16 MW and one — a 25 MW (worth more than 25 billion rubles.). Without competition USC and plans to get a contract to build a series of nuclear-powered icebreakers capacity of 60 MW, said a spokesman for state-owned companies. The decision about where to place an order for ice-breakers, is still pending, it is responsible for the customer's representative — of "Rosatom". 
    The largest customer for the Russian shipyards should be "Gazprom". The company intends to invest in a court of 357.7 billion rubles., According to the terms of Industry and Trade Ministry. "Gazprom" has already signed an agreement for the construction of LNG (worth 33 billion rubles.) And rig (108 billion rubles). Facilities at USC — "Zvezda-DSME» and «Vostok-Raffles." But the firm contract is concluded, according to the materials Industry and Trade Ministry. With the representative of "Gazprom" could not be reached.
    In 2011, "Sovcomflot" placed orders for the construction of LNG on the Korean shipyard partner USC — Korean STX Offshore &Shipbuilding. She was selected in the competition, says the "SCF": the first ship to be built in 2013, the second — in 2014 in the Russian ships of this type will be made only after 2015, when will the construction of shipyards in the Far East and Kronstadt, explains the choice of the "SCF" expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Andrey Frolov. After this shipping company will place orders for LNG carriers in the shipyards of USC, said the representative of the "SCF". In 2012, a competition to build gas tanker worth 80 billion rubles. shall declare "Novatek", according to the terms of Industry and Trade Ministry. With a company representative could not be reached. And his colleagues of "Rosneft" and "Lukoil" (referred to in the plan as potential customers USC) assure that the contractor for the construction of ships will choose the contest.
    Civil orders USC today account for 17% of the total, said Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin in 2011 According to the chief editor of Moscow Defense Brief, Mikhail Barabanov, by 2020, this share will rise to 30% and USC will continue to earn mainly on the orders of the Ministry of Defense.

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