System of ancient monumental structures.

Great Circle — LINE large circle.

For the first time the hypothesis that the ancient megalithic structures can be placed on this planet for a particular system, put forward in the 70's, Russian scientists N.F.Goncharov, V.A.Makarov and V.S.Morozov. According to their theory, the Earth's core is a growing crystal of iron, which leads the world in all shells symmetry two regular Platonic polyhedra — the icosahedron and dodecahedron, and the hierarchy of sub-major division. At the top of the crystal, as time and where most centers of ancient civilizations, the pyramids and other famous buildings. Although this does have a symmetric system matches the location of historic sites, all of them fairly approximate.

redundant system muldashevaZatem Bashkir known doctor and researcher of ancient civilizations Ernst Muldashev proposed his system of pyramids, in which he linked the location of Giza, Easter Island, Mount Kailash and several other well-known places. Unfortunately, the system was crude and could not stand the geographic verification. But the great merit of Ernst Rifgatovich in another. Through his books are not new, but rather a fantastic idea, the availability of the location of the ancient monuments, has become very popular. Hundreds of researchers began their own research in this area, and I must say have made very significant progress.

The line of the great circles — great circle connecting some famous historical sites. One of them, the line of the Great Pyramid (EP) — Fr. Easter goes through famous figures in the Nazca desert and many other sacred places. And Nazca lies in the golden section on the line between the EP and its antipode. In addition, this line, which can be safely regarded as one of the main, has a number of remarkable properties and laws, which will be discussed a little lower.

If further research in this direction, and combine the most significant buildings of antiquity by lines, and also to their latitude and longitude, you get a global network of lines covering the entire planet. In the process, the network revealed distinct patterns for the first time allow us to speak of a particular system in the location of the pyramids, temples, and other megalithic structures.

As reference points for the lines, according to the principle of monumentality, was chosen the most famous and important historical sites: the Great Pyramid (VP), Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, Nan Madol, Baalbek, Angkor, Lalibela, religious centers — Jerusalem ( Temple of Solomon), Mecca, the Vatican (Rome), Great Zimbabwe in Africa, the sacred rock of Uluru in Australia, Port Bajin and megaliths Vera Island in Russia.

System megalithic sooruzheniyEsli all lines — great circle connecting these objects represented on the globe, we see at first glance, a chaotic grid of intersecting lines. But a closer look reveals a lot of patterns, random occurrence of which is highly unlikely. Let us consider some of them.

If you look at the line from a great height, you can choose the number of global trends, the center of which is the intersection of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

On closer examination it appears that the majority of monumental historic buildings lie precisely on the lines connecting the main point. Moreover much of it is located at the intersections of the lines. Quite surprising fact revealed when combined with the location of the main lines of the world capitals.

It turned out that most of the state capitals are also on the lines of the great circles or latitude and meridians of historic sites. Especially in this difference of Kazakhstan, who recently, by historical standards, moved his new capital, Astana, on the breadth of Stonehenge.

System pyramids crossing 5 lines

The system of historic sites

The next interesting fact is related to the intersection of the 3, 4 and even 5-either as a non-line at one point. Alfred Watkins, who discovered the ley lines in England, admitted the possibility of a random intersection of the three lines at one point, he spent over unrelated objects. But the intersection of four, five and even more so, absolutely independent lines at one point, can not be a coincidence. In addition, Watkins randomly put together 51 randomly distributed points and count the total number of crossings. In this case, we have a total of 16 sites and dozens of intersections at one point 3 lines, multiple intersections of 4 lines and single crossing five lines. For example, the line VI — o.Paskhi has ten intersections of 3 lines and the two intersections of 4 lines. Line VP — Tiwanaku has six intersection of 3 lines, one crossing of 4 lines and one 5-crossing lines. The table below shows the great circle crossing the Great Pyramid with other lines.

Intersection of the lines of the Great Pyramid

Another of the arguments which say there is a certain system in the location known ancient structures, is the intersection of lines of Nan Madol — Uluru and VP — Nan Madol. These two lines intersect at Nan Madol at 90 degrees (90.47 *), while carrying out several conditions.

Ancient neodezicheskaya system

For example, the point of Nan Madol is located so that the line VI — Nan Madol (perpendicular to Nan Madol — Uluru) passes through Uluru symmetric about the equator. These two perpendicular lines cross the meridian of Tiwanaku, one at a latitude of Baalbek, the other on the 40th latitude. And the line VI — Nan Madol is almost tangent, as the 40th latitude, ie the maximum breadth of the Great Circle — 40 degrees. Line Nan Madol — Uluru, also interacts with the breadth of Baalbek, crossing it on the meridian perpendicular meridian EP.

In the picture above you can see that the meridians of Tiwanaku and Uluru are symmetrical about the perpendicular to the meridian of the Great Pyramid (Meridian EP + 90 degrees), and deviate from it by 10 degrees. With this breadth of Baalbek and antipode Uluru crossing meridians Tiwanaku and Uluru, form two adjacent square, which is the total diagonal orthodrome VP — Nan Madol. For line Nan Madol — Uluru situation is repeated and it is already a diagonal four adjacent squares formed latitudes Uluru, Baalbek and the 40th latitude.

I must say that perpendicular lines connecting pairs of famous historical sites, it is not a single phenomenon. Thus, at the point perpendicular to the line of Stonehenge Stonehenge — about. Faith (azimuth 58.84) and the line of Stonehenge — Great Zimbabwe (azimuth 148.61). In this case, the line of Stonehenge — about. Faith crosses the forties on the meridian of Nan Madol, and the line of Stonehenge — Great Zimbabwe crosses perpendicular to the meridian of Tiwanaku in the latitude of Nan Madol. At the point of the Great Pyramid are perpendicular to within a hundredth of a degree line VI — Baalbek (azimuth 45.55) and the line VI — Mecca (azimuth 135.56).

The following fact in itself may serve as proof of the existence of a specific location in the most famous buildings of antiquity. The fact that the lines — Great Circle Easter Island — Stonehenge and Teotihuacan — Tiwanaku are symmetrical to each other and thus are diagonal rectangle 3660 x 3220 km (2000 miles), formed by the latitudes and longitudes of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku.

Ancient Geodetic System

This reveals another very interesting point. It turns out the latitude of the Great Pyramid (29 ° 58'44 .77 "N) above the latitude of Teotihuacan (19 ° 41'58 .45" N) at 10 degrees, as the breadth of Easter Island (27 ° 7'16 .41 "S) Tiwanaku higher latitudes (16 ° 33 '17 .29 "S), the same 10 degrees. Since the lines are symmetrical, and the distance between the latitudes of the same, the lines are still the two diagonals of the squares formed by the EP latitudes, Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku, about. Easter and the meridians of Teotihuacan and about. Easter. This interposition of the five most famous and important buildings of ancient times can not be accidental, especially in comparison with other laws relating these objects.

Another striking feature is the similar values of azimuth lines connecting some famous historical sites. For example, the azimuth of the line VI — Stonehenge is 320.48 degrees and azimuth of the line of Tiwanaku — Teotihuacan is 319.55 degrees. This means that the look of the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge, is like looking at the pyramids of Teotihuacan Tiwanaku. At about the same angle can be seen in the direction of Stonehenge, standing on Uluru — azimuth 318.62 *. Azimuth to Easter Island from Giza and Stonehenge in general practically identical and equal to 264.72 and 264.82 degrees, respectively. This is explained by the difference in latitude VP and Stonehenge and the spherical shape of the Earth, but to explain this relative position of three of the most famous buildings of antiquity simple chance to be difficult. In addition to the value of 264 * in a similar direction several lines. So from Tiwanaku to Nan Madol — 263.82 *, from Mohenjo-Daro on Mecca — 263.31 * from Baalbek to Tiwanaku — 263.93 *.

Within one degree different azimuths lines VP — Teotihuacan (309.47 *) and Nan Madol — AM (308.99 *). Azimuth line VI — Uluru is 108.23 degrees, about the same number of Stonehenge at Baalbek (107.20 *) from Stonehenge at Teotihuacan (287.85 = 107.85 + * 180 *), of Nan Madol on Lalibela (287.20 * = 107.20 * + 180 * ) from Baalbek to Uluru (109.13 *) from Uluru to Mecca (289.07 * = 109.07 * + 180 *) from Port Bazhyn at Nan Madol (108.89 *) from Angkor to Mecca (287.29 = 107.29 * 180 * + ). And this is not all close to the azimuth.

In this review article devoted to the lines of the great circles are shown and are just a few patterns in the location of historical sites, which are in fact much more. Thorough review, organize, and search principles of the system — the near future. But so far, the theory of paleocontacts and planetary existence in ancient advanced civilization for the first time to get real evidence of the most incredible part. It seems that the known prehistoric structures are part of the ancient geodetic or navigation system, in which the pyramids and temples, among other functions, serve as benchmarks and reference points clearly visible even from space.


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