Tanker A330MRTT lost the post when tested

Tanker A330MRTT lost the post when tested

European plane-refueler A330MRTT, created to supply the United Arab Emirates, during a test flight 10 September 2012 lost filling the post, reports Aviation Week. Background of the incident, due to which delivery A330MRTT customers can Strength, refined. The only operator of tanker aircraft to the current time are the Royal Australian Air Force, which European concern Airbus instructed to refrain from using the rod.

Test flight took place over the territory of Spain near the Portuguese border, said the Defense News. When flying at a height of 8.2 thousand feet in A330MRTT fallen off petrol rod, located centrally in the aft fuselage. The aircraft is actually no damage was done and landing at the airport Airbus in Getafe near Madrid. European company engaged in the creation of A330MRTT, the cause of the loss of the bar did not specify.

European tanker filling the post has lost in the second time. The first such incident occurred in January 2011 when tested to refuel F-16 Fighting Falcon Air Portugal over the sea. Then the representatives of Airbus announced that the premise of the loss of the refueling boom was the organization charged "close to the border of the permissible limit flight characteristics." To avoid similar cases in the future for all A330MRTT now installed warning system operators refueling.

According to a statement Airbus, aircraft lost filling the post, will be renovated and a de minimis delay passed the UAE. In total, Emirates will be to get three A330MRTT; According to Airbus, the delivery of all the aircraft will be made in the coming few months, but a certain period is not called. Australia has ordered 5 A330MRTT, four of which received more than a one-year delay. Customers also A330MRTT are Saudi Arabia and England.

A330MRTT developed on the basis of the passenger liner A330-200. Plane can reach speeds of up to 880 km per hour to fly a distance of 14.8 thousand kilometers. Tanker able to take on board 111 tons of fuel. A330MRTT equip with 2 flexible hoses on the wing tips and a gas bar. Tanker aircraft may also be used as a military transport plane carrying capacity of 45 tons.

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