Tarot forecast for 2013

Arcana of the Tarot, the corresponding coming year, characterize its main features — both event-driven and on a spiritual level.

2013 correspond to the number of arcane death (13), the major arcana year and Lovers (6), auxiliary noose. All that will happen to us in 2013, somehow determined by these cards.

Arkan's death, despite its intimidating name, is more concerned not with physical death, and with the transformation, radical changes in the life, rebirth, liberation of all superfluous and obsolete. Of course, change does not always take place peacefully, but in the end we are able to reach a new level.

In the coming year would be a big mistake with the past. If you feel that any life stage is over, do not try to frantically glue that breaks down — safely tear the connection and start a new life. However, you certainly make the right decision, because the positive side of the arch — wisdom, insight, intuition and psychic abilities.

Arkan's death associated with the number thirteen and the sign of Scorpio, in which the whole year will be Saturn, Proserpine and ascending node. Saturn in Scorpio teaches us to overcome the fear of death, to survive in the most incredible, extreme conditions, discipline, tempers the inner core. The more difficult the test, the greater the chance to become a staunch and strong. Proserpine is of interest to the study of the processes of life and death. This year may be marked by bold scientific experiment and spiritual struggles. A bottom-up assembly requires mankind to embark on higher spiritual development and creative dedication. In 2013, you can practice the occult sciences, energy practitioners, yoga. This is the path of transmutation, the path of magic, comprehension of meaning. We all need to go through the destruction and reconstruction, through the trials and the risk, win their shortcomings, overcome inertia and laziness, give up attachment to material goods. On May 16, the White Moon enters Scorpio, which is delayed until December 15, and will overshadow its light all who seek spiritual development and the knowledge of immortality.

The symbolic image of lasso Lovers — Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Chief archetype of this card — Select. Arcand poses challenges to achieve harmony in your life, the feelings, relationships with people. We have to get rid of selfishness, jealousy, possessiveness for true love. We must learn to be happy for others, selflessly helping people. In addition, it is important to hear his heart — and, throwing doubt, follow his call. The risk that is created by this noose, — withdrawal into the world of dreams, dreams, detachment from reality.

Arkan Lovers associated with the sign of Gemini. In the first half of the year there are Jupiter and Black Moon. "The Star of Kings" will help us to find common goals and unite for the sake of harmony and perfection. Lilith will tempt, seduce, shoot down from the true path.

Spiritual life in 2013 define arcane Emperor and Empress.

Up to 16 July, we at the mercy of the Emperor. At this time, likely to occur rulers tyrants, authoritarian leaders and politicians. In the first half of the year is especially dangerous to bow before the powerful, to turn them into idols. It is important to keep track of a tendency to despotism, not to have illusions of power, paternal care of the Trust and in any case did not assert themselves at their expense.

After 16 July the world is ruled Empress. This noose associated with the feminine creative principle. Rather, in the political and social life will increase the role of women. But do not the fair sex to seek personal power — important, even being at the highest government positions, maintain softness, kindness and tolerance. All women in the second half of the year should pay more attention to himself and his spiritual development, to strive for inner purity and as the strength to fight against evil.

Astrologer Eleanor Ginsburg

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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