Thai authorities failed to protect the country from the ongoing floods

Thai authorities failed to protect the whole of Bangkok from floods occurring in the country, said on Thursday the country's prime Yingluk Shinawatra.
"We can not hold back the water forever," — she told local media. According to the head of government, city authorities to decide which neighborhoods should continue to protect against water, and which will be flooded, "Interfax".
"The water rises from several directions. We can not keep it under control. We will try to inform people of the dangers," — she said.
Earlier this week, the Thai authorities have declared that the worst has been avoided: the dam and strengthen the banks of rivers and canals gave way, and most of the water from the Chao Phraya was sent to the Gulf of Siam. Then the capital managed to survive a first strike element. However, rains in the north and center of the country led to the fact that the barrier have released large amounts of water upstream of the Chao Phraya.
The death toll from heavy flooding in a century in Thailand has already exceeded 320. From the disaster affected 56 of 76 provinces. Everything from flooding in Thailand since late July affected some three million people. Flooded several large industrial parks, with no work left tens of thousands of people. Element destroyed more than 200 roads and interrupted rail south to the north.


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