Thailand. Water flooded the plant worlds major manufacturers of hard drives

Global computer industry will experience a shortage of hard disk drives due to floods in Thailand. Experts have warned about this and CEOs of the world industry hi-tech.

In Thailand, floods devastated a number of industrial zones, where the plants hard drives. Industrial cycle in these enterprises require sterility. But water flooded shops and warehouses in these enterprises. How long will the restoration of the production cycle — is unknown.

Japanese companies Hitachi and Toshiba, as well as American Western Digital and Apple have plants or place orders on hard drives in Thailand. The head of Apple, Tim Cook has said that "several companies in Thailand at the moment are not in working condition, and the recovery time of the production cycle for them is not defined." "I am confident that as a result of the natural disaster in Thailand, the world market run short of hard drives" — said Cook.

In addition, in Thailand were under water plants of Japanese automakers corporations Toyota, Honda and Mazda. Warehouses were under water with hundreds of finished vehicles, hangars with spare parts, production equipment and assembly lines. In the central and northern parts of Thailand under water were thousands of acres of farmland. Killed millions of chickens, water washed away crops in paddy fields.

Floods in Thailand have caused significant damage to the economy. Damage, according to some estimates, could significantly exceed the initial estimate of 10 billion dollars. At the moment, remains operational one high-tech industrial park east of Bangkok. However, the element of danger to him. The province of Ayutthaya, where they are the main factories producing computer components and assembly shops automotive corporations, under water for weeks are all six industrial zones, according to ITAR-TASS.

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