The case of doping Russian biathletes

Durmanov said the autopsy re-doping tests Russian biathletes, Russia's leading expert on anti-doping Nikolai Durmanov said he had no doubt that the anti-doping samples Biathlon Catherine St George, Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko contained a banned substance. According to him, this substance was erythropoietin produced in China. Durmanov made his announcement live online channel "Sport" in the "Week of sport." Last week, an expert involved in the analysis of sample "B", which took place in the opening anti-doping laboratory in Lausanne. Durmanov said that he "saw everything from the beginning," and challenge the fact of the use of doping Russian biathletes was impossible. Regarding awareness of the athletes on doping, then, according to Durmanova, or they were "fully aware" of something or suspected, but kept silent. Earlier in the program "Sports Week" Ahatova Albina said that she did not use illicit drugs. Durmanov also noted that there was no conspiracy of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against the Russian athletes do not exist. According to a Russian expert on doping check all the biathlon, but "they do not fall, and our fall." Durmanov considers that in the circumstances the Russian side "should be kept adequately." Gave positive doping tests were taken at St George's, Akhatova and Yaroshenko December 5, 2008. February 15, 2009 it became known that was another positive sample "A" Yaroshenko, taken in January. Russian biathlete refused autopsy of the control sample, thereby acknowledging his guilt.

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