The court case against Constantine abolished Shytalya

The case Gluboksky activist, independent journalist Site lasted only 5 minutes. District Court Judge Irene Kozak decided to overturn a court case because of the "end of the periods issuance of administrative punishment."

On how to punish Constantine Shytalya, insisted Glubokskiy Executive Committee: Legal Advisor of the institution on February 22 drew up a report that activist allegedly violating election laws during the last presidential campaign.

According to the complaint observer Mary Matsulevich, Mr. Shital, who was an observer on the same site, illegally interrogated local vocational school students, whether they voluntarily came to vote early.

Shital Constantine believes that trial was initiated to intimidation and moral pressure. But local authorities have demonstrated poor knowledge of the law: time to punish activists for an offense that has already come out. With On the other hand, Mr. Shital no its not guilty. He is convinced that the initiators of the case would not find conclusive evidence of his guilt.


deep, Shital

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