The Court upheld the verdict of the participants of the Mogilev solidarity actions

March 10 Mogilev Regional Court dismissed the appeal of three protesters solidarity. February 8 Leninsky court acknowledged Mogilev Valentine Lobachova, Sergei Negatin, Natalia Shkadun guilty of participating in an unsanctioned picket.

From the district court to admit the activists demanded the sentence District Court illegal and cancel it. Judge Sergei Korolev, which considered the complaint, found no reason to deal with it. According to human rights Boris Buhelya, attended the trial, the judge stated that the right to publicly express their views and positions citizens have, however, in the case of the action of the solidarity of its members have violated the procedure for obtaining permission for their event from the executive.

For an action of solidarity and a member of the BPF "Young Front" Valentin Lobachyov spent seven days in jail, five days in jail held frontovets Sergei Negatin. Natalia Shkadun Leninsky court issued a warning.

The action of solidarity was held in Mogilev on the pedestrian street of Lenin on January 16. Devyatsera participants formed a chain, each of them holding a portrait of prisoners of presidential candidates and activists who immediately after the election December 19 were arrested. Participants of the rally also handed out paper, "Do not be afraid", dedicated to the events of December 19.


Negatin, Lobachyov, Shkadun

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