The death of the nature of the Sochi

In an era of pre epilepsy only talk that castling on the Putin-Medvedev-Putin, but the resignation procedure podnadoevshego pessimist Kudrin. It is understandable, no one "did not expect the end of this here," even though everything about everything imagined. But, believe me, there are better things to do politdelezha and verbal skirmishes. They all forgot about Sochi. Rather, that carries a "construction of the century" in environmental terms.

Forecasts are not comforting. Less than a thousand days remain before the Olympic Games. Construction of sports buildings, hotels, stadiums rushes at full speed, passing time. All anything, but in a cloud of smoke and steam killed the Black Sea environment. It is our Russian nature.

Most of the buildings and other Olympic facilities in Sochi and mountainous outskirts ready to surrender. But at what cost is given large-scale construction … The ecosystem of the region's already fragile and in their slenderness. Instead cut gardens and a large-scale mountain vegetation planting trees, but not enough. Of such manipulation with nature greener Games as organizers dream of the Olympics, will not. Exchange is not quite equivalent. Today, for stroybrigadami no control virtually none. They have the power to do what they want and at their convenience. Everywhere on the slopes of the river in the national park "Sochi" organized illegal dumps of debris. Banks are covered with slime and slag. And none of those overseeing Olympic construction does not stop this outrage. A feeling that is completely absent in Sochi government. Probably "city fathers" gave instructions "from above" not to interfere until completed. Last year, the nearby village even deprived of drinking water. Because of the negligence of builders were poisoned the wells.

But this is not the only threat. During the construction of the highway, which will connect the airport to the mountain building of it had killed the locals — trucks scurrying back and forth, the manager does not always law-abiding drivers cause. Had a situation where one such "unabiding" detained at the very moment when he was cynically brought down drag the corpses to the native side of the road.

Developers openly spit on any recommendations from environmental services. But most of the natural monuments already caused damage might well have been avoided. Everything was done in secret and in haste. Many facilities were built before the environmentalists gave them the appropriate permissions. And now it's too late to correct the error.

Sochi residents especially indignant activists caused the illegal construction of the railway "RZD" right on the Black Sea. Tons of crushed stone, gravel and concrete mountain landscape spoiled prominent headland, the only remaining unspoilt coastal area.

Due to the deterioration of the environment and ecosystems ruthless-fishing in the Black Sea, we all run the risk to remain without fish reserves. A menacing development of the above described construction processes threatens turning the living water of the sea into a lifeless desert. Local akvaekologiya already broken and he is impressed by different diseases. Many species of fish found previously only in the Black Sea, just died.
An urgent need to develop and implement a strategy of administration of certain quotas for catching fish for all the Black Sea countries, not only in terms of the state's economy, but given the demands of the environment.

Note. Remembering all natural disasters (for example, the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland) and environmental hazards (explosion of the oil platform Deepwater Horizon BP Corporation), of recent years, it can be depressing conclusions about the systematic destruction of the global environment by mankind. And that cost us last year's summer heat, combined with forest fires and burning peat? .. A tragedy on the "Fukushima-1"?

The world's population suffers from the problems associated with environmental degradation. According to statistics, an average of about half a million people die every year as it is from these causes. A huge figure! But here also, and the growth of cancer.

June 1, 2011, the EU, Canada and China have banned the use of plastic containers as packaging for baby food. Their government took care of the environment, and the reduction of the risk of childhood diseases. But Russia is still asleep … In our country, any innovation, any mention of the protection of nature somehow stumbles on Finance Ministry. But the principle of "all — for sale" in this situation, as in so many others, should be fundamental. We need to change the existing budget code.

Russian ecologists in the coming 2012 already predicting an increase in the number of man-made and natural disasters that destructive impact on the environment.

Any new load to a dying ecosystem of planet Earth should be based not ignoring the interests of Nature, of the very seas and oceans, forests and steppes. The only way to find an honorable way out of this situation.

Roman Pavlov

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