The debtor budget — Grodno Museum of Vasil Bykov

Public Museum of Vasil Bykov in Grodno forced to withdraw from the room that he was given power. The reason — the big utilities.

The creator of the museum Nikolai Melnikov said, "Freedom", which is going to send a telegram to the Ministry of Culture, asking for help.

Public Museum Vasil Bykov created primarily older people in the organization of war veterans. The museum collection is placed in a room the size of twelve square meters. The city authorities have allocated a new room — twice, so you can place your exposure. But the veterans did not have time to use the new room only booked artist exhibition plan.

A member of the museum board Ales Gostsev"What can I say? Clear as it might contain veterans organization in conditions where there is no support? For myself it was like a bucket of cold water, you could say. Seems that everything went well and promised that almost all will hold whether it will be cheap. I do not know why that is. "

Accountant veterans' organization Yevgeny Bogdanov takes no account paid in January:

"Sixty-five thousand had two rooms for rent, water and electricity to sixty-four thousand and heating — one hundred ninety six. And the same thing will happen in February. Turns six hundred and fifty thousand, almost seven. Since December, we paid two grand for heating. A In January we will have nothing to pay. ringing, ringing, and no one gives us nothing. began a new year: a single gram of money. "

In such circumstances, an accountant Eugene Bogdanova was to visit the housing and communal management of Leninsky district of the city, to give the room a museum.

"The very normal rent, even said — we will reduce the factor" 3 "will be removed, there will be very little. But the heating takes a lot — the most important thing. We can not pay and we refused this month from this room, because, count will be seven thousand debt.'s left little room, twelve meters. Indeed, said if there is in arrears for three months, it may terminate the contract on the lease. Since February expensive, will be even higher amount. "

In the same building as the museum Basil Bykov received another room NGO — Regional branch of the Union of the pro-government writers. The regional budget for this year for its maintenance are provided seventy million rubles. Head of the Department of Culture of Grodno City Executive Committee Victor Mamachkin agrees that in some cases, public organizations can rely on government subsidies, in others — should refer to the patrons, he says.



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