The end of the world in 2012 on the Mayan calendar was a joke scientists … .


The closer the end of 2012, the more and more are heating up. Recent surveys of the population in Europe, the U.S. and Russia on "What can we expect in December 2012?" Showed that 45% of the expected end of the world, still. And waiting, wondering what the Earth and its inhabitants may occur. Thus, the search engine Google in 2009 for the query "2012" gave out more than 170 million pages. This was almost three times more than the question, "sex" — 55 million. But three years anxiety has increased almost 150 times! Now the search engine produces 25 billion (!) Pages of a coming apocalypse. A demand for "strawberry" increased only to 188 million.

Such hype around this year, we have to calendar created almost 1400 years ago Mayan Indian. His calendar, found in 1958 on the site of Tortuguero in the Mexican state of Tabasco in southern Gulf of Mexico. It is a monument to a height of 1 m 90 cm, width 55 cm and 6 cm and more like a bar with a bas-relief, which is attached to the wall of the temple. Age finds — VII century AD. The name "Monument 6."
— He had two "ears", which is attached separately — says Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Russian State Humanitarian University, Director of the Mesoamerican Center. Knorozov Galina V. Yershov. — Left split off and disappeared, and the right to stay. On it and knocked the Mayan text, which refers to all the scary date December 21, 2012.

"Prophecy" is translated as follows: "Having completed the thirteenth quatercentenary day 4 Ahau third of the month Kankin happen … and the descent of Bolon Yokte in …". In the middle of the last century, the meaning of these special characters nobody was interested. And for a long time the monument was abandoned at a local museum.

The great and terrible YOKTE Bologna.

— Calendar begins with August 11, 3114 BC — is the beginning of the Mayan era, zero point calculation, — says Galina Gavrilovna. — By the way, most of all, she was struck on the missing "ear."
— Why not round a zero point?
— Apparently, something important happened to them that day. How, in fact, the beginning of our Christian era, which is the birth of Christ.

Date, which falls on December 21, 2012, is written in the top right corner of the "ears". It looks like this: This is the end of a large 13th four hundred years of the cycle. And nothing about those numbers on the monument is said.

— But in the calendar mentions a terrible god Bolon Yokte, which according to Mayan legend, can arrange Flood on Earth …
— Nonsense. Yokte deity Bolon — this is actually the planet Mars in his great cycle. And the calendar says that in this beautiful date — — Mars goes from a period of visibility. At the same date, the sun comes out from the constellation of Jaguar. Just astronomical calculations and observations.
— But after the outcome of this 13th season, which, by the Maya to happen?
— Next will be a new account. Or in other calendars, no one manuscript Maya does not even hint at the intended end. First, as the Mayan calendar is cyclical, it will never end. Second, the Mayan religion, cosmology, does not provide for a catastrophic end of time periods. They just change calendar periods and the gods who rule them. For example, before the start of the Mayan era, before 3114 BC, according to the myths of the Maya rain god defeated giant crocodile, cut off his head, dismembered his body and shed rivers of blood. But it is a normal mythology, has nothing in common with the prophecy.


— Who then came up with the myth of the end of the world in 2012? — I asked colleagues Ershova, Ph.D., a researcher at the Russian State University for the Humanities, the deputy director of the Mesoamerican center Dmitri Belyaev.
— About the end of the world in the early 1960s, joked at a meeting of the American archaeologist Professor of Anthropology at Yale University, Michael Coe (Michael Coe), — confessed Dmitri. — He said, "in 2012 on the Mayan calendar would mean the end of two cycles of time: 13th quatercentenary and great cycle of 5126 years. It turns out that this year will be the "end of the world" in Mayan! "And the more he his" joke "presented in the first edition of the book" Maya "in 1966:" The idea of the cycle of creation and destruction is a common feature of Mesoamerican religions, as well as well as the east. The Aztecs, for example, believed that the universe went through four of these cycles and we are now in the fifth, to be destroyed by an earthquake. Maya held a similar view, but in terms of long periods of time, like the Hindu Kali yugam. The assumption is that each of them measured 13 baktun, or a little less than 5200 years, and that Armageddon will come upon the inhabitants of the world and all living things on the last day of the thirteenth Baktun. Thus, our universe was created in 3113 BC. e. and will be "destroyed," December 21, 2012, when the Great Cycle of the Long Count reaches the end. " For a long time this was a joke to our purely internal scientific mayyanistskim folklore.

— When it became popular?
— At the beginning of 2000. Apparently, those bloggers, journalists, writers, script writers, who were preparing to move into the new millennium — the millennium, were disappointed that nothing happened. And then they spread the idea of the end of the world "in a Mayan" first through the non-fiction book, then — pseudoscientific. Now the joke live their lives, regardless of the fact that in reality it was written in the Maya.
Michael Coe … now 83 years old. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut (USA). Recently appeared on the YouTube video of his speech. Here is an excerpt from it: "A complex system of Mayan calendar may have been the greatest intellectual achievement. But this system was composed by their profound astronomical and mathematical knowledge. More profound than that of the Egyptians and Babylonians. Maya calculated the length of the Earth around the Sun up to the third decimal place. This is even more surprising is that they did it in the lack of accurate instruments. In addition, they created a lunar calendar and the cycles of eclipses. They were a table of synodic periods — the time intervals between two consecutive joints of the Moon or a planet solar system with the Sun when viewed from the Earth for them. And synchronization of cycle times of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And on some of the many established Mayan inscriptions have been found date and event records that go back 400 million years in the past. Science may well consider this civilization primitive brightest people on the planet. And it is these achievements, and not attributed to them descendants of the Mayan prophecy should be proud of. "
But at the end of the monologue Coe did not ask for forgiveness for such bad joke about the end of the world.

First read hieroglyphics Russian scientist

After World War II historian and ethnographer Knorozov Yuri came across an article of the German researcher Paul Shellhasa entitled "Deciphering the Mayan writing — an insoluble problem." This publication is abruptly changed his academic plans. "As this is an insoluble problem? That is created by a human mind, can not be unriddled others! "60 years ago, in 1952, he published his first article with the results of his decipherment of ancient Maya writing. In 1977, for his work he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. American experts on the Maya were very unhappy with this win.

A bad joke you be uncomfortable?

Vagner Love, a former football player of CSKA:
— Me when I moved to Russia, joke seemed football calendar. I could not believe that it is possible to play football in November!
Nikita Krichevsky, economist:
— Unsuccessful jokes do not happen. In every joke there is a joke. Even if this is your obituary, which you yourself and write.
Vladimir Vinokurov, humorist:
— I kid it all the time! And with me jokes never pass.
Tatiana BULANOVA, singer:
— The most unpleasant joke occurred during the total deficit, when I was in school. A friend called my mother and said that the store threw imported sneakers. Mom ran, and running shoes and did not exist …
Evgeny Stepanov, director of the "Institute of innovative technologies":
— A senior official at the anniversary decided to please me, "I want a drink for you! — He says. — The mean you vahlak vahlakom but smart! "I was taken aback, but said nothing. At home, climbed into the Dal. It turned out vahlak — dud. Said the officer, he retired to the background, they say, meant "simple".
Pavel Komarov, clown, Kaliningrad
— Smeared with toothpaste in the camp. But it's okay. One left me high on a tree, and I could not get down. Since then, I try to make jokes so funny and fun was all about.
Oksana GUSCHINA, student, Kaliningrad
— Living in a dorm — one big joke. Once cooked in the kitchen. She poured water into the pan and went for a bow. Come, and in the pan rat swims. I almost fainted. It turned out, the neighbors joke — my home Lariska planted.
Dmitry MEHANTSEV, Chief of Staff of Volgograd Cossack District:
— And about a good joke can? I gave the car in for repair, auto mechanics scared me that if I get it any time soon. And when I got the car, she had a smart airbrush with dolphins. Friends have joked, made a gift on his birthday.
Andrew, a reader Site KP.RU:
— And this writer about the end of the world just a joke? Well, here you do not. So let's wait for better.
Volodya, radio listener "KP":
— Children moved the alarm clock, and I have to work at three in the morning came. In the morning there was a rush job, but I was already on the alert. For the award had to buy expensive designer jokers.

Vladimir Chernyshev

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