The end of the world in 2012 or tomorrow never dies

End of the world, the invasion of space aliens, flares, sizzling Earth and other celestial cars excite people since ancient times. This is the feature of our psyche: if people do not keep certain fears, he destroys himself. Waiting for the end of the world, someone appointed on December 21, 2012, has gone beyond the usual concerns and threatens to develop into a worldwide hysteria. But there is no reliable forecast or prediction, global cataclysm, not only for 2012, and for the next 4 billion years.

Myth number 1. Tzolkin

Refuse amazing knowledge of astronomy Mayan Indians who lived on the Yucatan Peninsula in the late first millennium AD, it is impossible. The Mayan calendar, or as it was called creators, Tzolkin, indeed precisely now adopted the Gregorian. It is based on long-term observations of the Sun, planets and their satellites. Maya believed that the entire history of humanity has gone through four "age of the Sun", and December 21, 2012 comes to an end "the era of the Fifth Sun". "The Fifth Sun", according to their calendar, begins on August 13, 3114 years before Christ. It is worth noting that the Indians never indicated why August 13, not September 17. According to Mayan legend, "First Sun" lasted 4008 years, the second — 4010 years, third — 4081, fourth — 5026 years, and the "Fifth Sun" pull back 5126 years. Every era ended with some serious shock. Tzolkin divides the solar year by 18 months and twenty days of the year plus the last five days before the winter solstice. In no wise Indian calendar for the "Age of the Sixth Sun", so we promised global cataclysm and the end of the world.


Reality: The Maya never said the end of the world. End tzolkin not scare themselves descendants of Indians and their culture of these researchers. Both with one voice declare that the Mayan calendar can be compared with our wall calendar. We just have to make calendars for one year and the Maya did their best — for millennia. Indians were confident in cycling history. Researchers concluded that the calendar is the "Age of the Sixth Sun" will be known to us repeating calendar. In graffiti, abandoned once this civilization in many churches, there are prophecies in the future for thousands of years. Therefore the end of the world, in the universal sense, can not be, even under the very Mayan predictions. But changes are spiritual in nature, that will transform the world order, will direct "think better" people in the right direction, the Indians promised. End of the world in their understanding — the transition to a new perception of life, different values, a turning point in the development of our civilization.

The question is why no one considers a threat calendars ancient Slavs, Indians and Sumerians? It's simple! They promise us a long and happy life.

Myth number 2. Collision with the planet Nibiru

On the mysterious planet say the last ten years. Zecharia Sitchin, a native of Azerbaijan, now living in the U.S., wrote the book "The Twelfth Planet", where he told us about Nibiru. Sitchin has deciphered the ancient Sumerian records and found information about the planet, which is hidden from astronomers between Mars and Jupiter. Due to the fact that Nibiru is moving in the opposite direction of the other planets in our system, it was unable to detect. Turnover of "dark horse" around the Sun is 3600 years. Once every 21,600 years Nibiru so close to Earth that it begins to affect the geomagnetic characteristics. Sumerians explained the disappearance of Atlantis was critical proximity Nibiru. Sitchin found on ancient clay tablets information that Nibiru was populated by giants, whose life expectancy was 360 000 of our years, and if aliens visited Earth often. Rift crust, caused by the attraction of the mysterious planet, will lead to the end of our civilization.

Reality: If Nibiru existed, it would have been discovered. Story with details of Sumerian clay tablets and the threat of collision of the Earth with the mysterious planet would be just a wonderful script Hollywood movie … and more! Author of "The Twelfth Planet" to the scientific community does not have any relationship. None of the light of science has not recognized the key to decrypt the Sumerian records, proposed Stichinym. In addition, modern surveillance have detected a huge planet, even if this actually existed between Mars and Jupiter. Completely destroys the theory of Nibiru collision with Earth in 2012, a simple scientific fact: If the mysterious planet approaches Earth, people would have seen it with the naked eye.

Myth number 3. We will destroy an asteroid or comet

In space, worn large number of meteorites and comets. Regularly "cosmic hobo" pass close to the Earth, and some even into the atmosphere. The fall of an asteroid or comet to Earth may cause irreparable consequences. In the fall of the cosmic body on the continent big earthquake will happen that will cause tsunami more than one hundred meters. A huge wave that can circumnavigate the globe in minutes, threatens us in the case of a meteorite impact in the ocean. From the collision of Earth with an asteroid sixty-five million years ago dinosaurs. Perhaps the Flood, mentioned in various sources, was called for the same reason. In our solar system are more than thirty thousand asteroids with a diameter greater than a kilometer. The biggest — the asteroid Ceres — has a diameter of one thousand kilometers. Collision with a giant explosion will be equivalent to a million nuclear bombs. And no one can describe this catastrophe descendants.

Reality: No asteroids approach Earth at a dangerous distance. At the dawn of fear astronomy meeting meteorite was fashionable. Now it's simple. Computers and telescopes in orbit constantly monitor all major hazardous asteroids have even outside the solar system. Once upon a time calculated the likely trajectory of comets and meteors for the next hundred years. Information on space monitoring is updated in real time on the official website of NASA. American scientists are doing this in order to somehow deal with escalating passions in society.

Myth number 4. Parade of planets

Sun is above the center of our galaxy on Dec. 21. On this day, on the same line with the luminary will be Earth, Mars and Jupiter. They line up and planets are in other star systems, which will lead to a galactic parade of planets. Gravitational fields are summarized, and is reflected from the sun, with the destructive power will fall to Earth. This will break the balance of the magnetic poles and literally tear the planet apart. Not only that, in 2012, happened just three solar eclipse, which is adversely affected the Earth.

Reality: Parade of Planets — regular cosmic phenomenon. Sun is in the center of the Milky Way and in line with the Earth. Cry, waiting the end of the world! This happens every year at the winter solstice. In place of the magnetic poles of the Earth takes a hundred thousand years. Continents and is now slowly moving without disturbing us live. And even three solar eclipse — the limit. Do not worry! Scientists have already been recorded five solar and four lunar eclipses in a single year.

Myth number 5. Eruption

A volcanic eruption in Ireland, which has created a lot of problems Mother Europe last year, sparked speculation awaiting the end of the world. Powerful eruption would cause the planet that will envelop the cloud of ash and dust, which will not allow to penetrate the surface of the sun. During the so-called nuclear winter killed all life that can be saved from many kilometers of lava flows.

Reality: There is no volcanoes. Scientists estimate how much ash and dust must be in the atmosphere to cause a "nuclear winter." It was found that about 30 tons! Calculate the density of volcanic emissions, they learned of the soil, which should go up in the sky with this release — 23 thousand cubic meters. Volcanoes capable of such "tricks" on Earth do not, at least, the science of which is unknown.

Myth number 6. Solar Activity

In 2012, the expected large number of solar flares, though one of them will last for earthlings. Solar energy reaches our atmosphere for eleven minutes, the total destruction of the ozone layer in seconds. Anyone other than viruses and bacteria can not be saved. Even if the flash is short-lived, surviving alive will die from radiation.

Reality: The sun is not at an age to be naughty. Solar flares occur according to certain cycle. Once in eleven years luminary is particularly active, which may affect the operation of the electronics or mobile, as well as cause headaches in weather-sensitive people. The period from 2012 to 2014 at a peak, but to a normal cycle, familiar to us. Sufficient to study the "mood" of the Sun, by comparing its behavior with the same stars, modern scholars have come to the conclusion that everything is stable. These studies regarding exactly calculate that when the sun goes out, then the end of the world is imminent. This may happen in ten thousand billion years.

Myth number 7. Nostradamus, Vanga, St. John the Evangelist

More and more often we hear about deciphering quatrains doomsday French doctor Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus. Exaggerated predictions Bulgarian Vanga visionary about the third world war, which will end the apocalypse. Not least remember the prophecies in the Bible. And here it comes down to December 2012.

Reality: there is no exact predictions. Will be released on the live fire, hidden inside a horrible death balls. At night, the fleet turned the city into dust. City lights, his enemy was lucky. This quatrain is considered to be a description of the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this interpretation can be assigned too many events and phenomena. The same can be said of all the quatrains of Nostradamus. Wang left a few mysteries that everyone understands differently. It is estimated that about 70 percent of its predictions coming true. But! There are those that were wrong. Among them, fortunately, not the beginning of World War III and the destruction of the United States in 2009. Accurate predictions Bulgarians go far beyond 2012, so trust interpretations, promising global cataclysm in December 2012, is not necessary. From the book The book is simple and clear. The decoding of the text, and the promised second coming Apocalypse repeatedly. Although in the Bible clearly says, "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only" (Matthew 24:36).

Who needs it?

Stirring up the situation around unrealistic doomsday obviously someone benefits. Immediately come to mind astrologers, fortune-tellers, shamans and mediums — as the song goes, "to arrange things so people want to know what will happen." Excessive curiosity killed far more people than not developed apocalypses. Benefit from the mass hysteria internet site owners who place such "zamanuhi." Thus they increase attendance and revenues. It is likely that on the eve of the stock market collapse, 12/21/2012 … and then earn billions who has information that the end of the world will not. Who and what to believe, is up to you, but in my opinion this topic closed Bible

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