The Flood because of the nuclear explosion?

In many myths and legends from all over the world, you can find evidence of some global cataclysm, or in other words — the flood that destroyed most of life on Earth.

No less interesting and puzzling fact is that in those same stories convey powerful civilizations, the technical level of which may even superior to ours. But having such a mysterious force, whether they might be tempted to start a global war with each other, which resulted in almost total destruction of all living things?

The fact that on Earth in ancient times was raging a real nuclear war, indicates a number of grounds. First of all, it is the scars left on the body of the planet's most powerful explosions of nuclear bombs.

On the territory of the Earth discovered more than 100 craters, an average size of about 2-3 kilometers. There are two huge craters, one with a diameter of 40 kilometers in South America, and the second 120 miles, in South Africa. If they were formed in the Paleozoic Era, that is 350 million years ago, as some researchers believe, that from them for a long time would be nothing left for the wind, volcanic dust, animals and plants increases the thickness of the layer of earth on average per meter per century . Therefore, in a million years deep pit of 10 kilometers to sharing it with the ground. A funnel is still intact (that is, for 25,000 years, global catastrophe, according to the chronicles, there was just then) they have reduced their depth of only 250 meters. This allows us to evaluate the effect of a nuclear strike. Taking an average diameter of 100 funnels for 3 kilometers, we find that the war was detonated above the Earth about 5,000 megatons of TNT.

The result was horrific. Dust and smoke obscured the sun, come nuclear winter.

Maya had found two so-called "Venus" calendar. One consisted of 240 days, and the other of 290. Both of these calendar related catastrophes on Earth that does not change the radius of rotation of the orbit, but accelerated the daily rotation of the planet through the redistribution of water from the continents to the pole, which in turn is one of the signs of the onset of nuclear winter. In the first case, when the year equaled 240 days, the duration of 36 days was equal to the clock in the second calendar (290 days) duration was 32 days hours.

The fact that such calendars have existed on Earth in ancient times, they say more experiences of our physiologists, if a person placed in a vault without a watch, he begins to live by the inner, more ancient rhythm, as if the 36 hours in a day.

As a result of nuclear explosions and fires caused by them had the energy to stand out is 28 times greater than for nuclear explosions themselves. Distributing a solid wall of fire destroying all life. Who has not burned, he choked with carbon monoxide. People and animals fled to the water, there to find his death. The fire raged for three days and three nights. Here is the description in the "Code of Rio" Mayan effects of radiation, "Came the dog was without hair, and she fell off the claws" (a typical example of radiation sickness. "

But, apart from radiation, nuclear explosion is characterized by one terrible phenomenon. Residents of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although not seen a nuclear mushroom (because they were in the shelter), and were far from the epicenter of the explosion, nevertheless received light burns to the body. This fact is explained by the fact that the shock wave propagates not only along the ground, but also upwards. Pulling the dust, moisture, shock wave reaches the stratosphere and destroy ozone shield, which protects the planet from ultraviolet radiation cruel. And then, as you know, causes burns to unprotected skin.

People — it's mutants.

As the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, we now have animals and people living near the radioactive zone, mutations occur, leading to cyclo-Pismo (Cyclops in one eye is over the bridge of the nose). And we know from the legends of many peoples of the existence of the Cyclopes, which people had to fight.

The second area of radioactive mutanizma — is polyploidy (doubling of chromosomes, which leads to gigantism and the doubling of some organs: two hearts or two rows of teeth).

Remains of giant skeletons with a double row of teeth regularly found on Earth.

The third area — is Mongoloid. Currently, the most common Mongoloid race on the planet. It includes the Chinese, the Mongols, the Eskimos, the Urals, the South Siberian peoples and the peoples of the Americas. But before the Mongolians were represented much broader, as they met in Europe and in Sumeria and Egypt. Later they were driven out of these places Aryan and Semitic peoples. Even in Central Africa live Bushman gogtento-us having a black skin, but nevertheless having the characteristic features Mongoloid

It is noteworthy that the distribution of the Mongoloid race is interconnected with the spread of deserts and semi-deserts on Earth, where once were the main centers of the lost civilization.

The fourth proof of radioactive mutagenesis — the birth of humans freaks and birth of children with atavism (back to the ancestors). It is because the deformity after radiation at the time were widely distributed and were considered normal, so this recessive trait sometimes appeared in the newborn. For example, radiation leads to a six-toed, sometimes occurring in the Japanese survivors of the U.S. nuclear bombardment.

Underground shelters.

Those who survived the first strike, trying to find refuge in underground cities. But the subsequent heavy rains, and then the earthquake destroyed everything has already been created and drove people to the surface.

Then, using the method described in the "Mahabharata" a device that resembles a laser, people began to quickly build huge underground galleries height of 100 meters at times, trying to create the conditions there for life: the required pressure, temperature and composition of the air.

However, the war continued, and even here they overtook the enemy. The researchers suggest that the extant "pipes" that connect the cave to the surface of the earth, are of natural origin. In fact, hardened laser weapons, they were made for burning the people who tried to escape in the dungeons of toxic gases and radiation. Too round these "pipes" to talk about their natural origin (many of these "natural tube" is in the caves of the Perm region, including the famous Kungurian).

Of course, the construction of the tunnels began long before the nuclear disaster. Now they are unsightly and are perceived as the caves of natural origin. But many would have looked better if our subway, we get down to it in five hundred years or so?

Laser weapons were used, apparently, not only for burning people. When the laser beam reaches the underground molten layer, the magma rushes to the surface of the earth erupted and caused a major earthquake. Thus were born on Earth volcanoes of artificial origin.

Now it becomes clear why all over the planet thousand-dug tunnels that have been discovered in the Altai, Urals, Tien Shan, Caucasus, in the Sahara, the Gobi, and North and South America. One of these tunnels connects Morocco with Spain. In this tunnel, apparently penetrated the only existing in Europe today view the monkeys' magoty Gibraltar ", living in the vicinity of exit from the cave.

Nuclear winter has lasted more than 20 years. Those who remained in the cave, gradually lost vision. Let us recall the epic of SVYATOGOR, whose father lived in a cave and did not come to the surface, because the blind.

The new generation of people is rapidly decreasing in size to the dwarfs, the legends of the various races which have plenty. By the way, they have survived to the present day, and not only have black skin, as the Pygmies of Africa, but also white: menehety Guinea, who mixed with the local population, ethnic dopa and boor with the growth of a little more than a meter living in Tibet, finally, trolls, dwarves, elves, Chud white-eyed and so forth — those who have not found it possible to enter into contact with humanity. In parallel with this there was a gradual demoralisation of people, detached from society.

Unfortunately, we can not say anything about the motives of that ancient war. We also know almost nothing about the warring sides. Perhaps in a deadly battle came together two prehistoric civilization — the people — the giant dinosaurs and serpentine. But legends tell us only about the fact of global war, without telling her details.



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