The Great Wall of China — who and why build?

It has long heard the theory that The Great Wall of China was built by the Chinese, and not that she was not defensive works, and separation, ie border strip. As was the case for catfish, perhaps we'll never know, but I found on one of the resources of a very convincing and "deep" article on this. Are invited to join the study of alternative history.

I will say just for reference, that it's an amazing building being constructed almost 2,000 years and its length is 4,000 kilometers! Not a bad long-term construction …

Traditionally, it is believed that the Great Wall of China began to build in the III century BC To protect against the northern nomads. Sm.ris.8.12. On this occasion N.A.Morozov wrote:

"One idea that the famous Wall of China, whose height of 6 to 7 meters and a thickness of up to three, trailing by three thousand kilometers, the construction was started back in the year 246 before the Christian era by the Emperor Shih Hoangti and was completed only through 1866 YEARS By 1620 AD, before the absurd that can deliver only disappointment serious historian-thinker. After all, every great building has a preassigned practical purpose … Who came up with the idea to start a huge building, which can be ended only after 2,000 years, and so far is only a useless burden on the people … And remain as good as it is now, the Chinese Wall could only be the case if it is not more than a few hundred years "[141], Volume 6, p.121-122.

We will be told — Wall repaired two thousand years. Doubtful. Mend it makes sense not only a very old building, otherwise it is hopelessly outdated and just fall apart. What we see, by the way, in Europe. Dismantled the old defensive walls and in their place build a new, more powerful ones. For example, many military fortifications in were rebuilt in the XVI century.

But we are told that the Wall of China was built as well as standing for two thousand years. I did not say that "modern wall recently built on the site of the old." No, they say that we can see exactly the wall that was built two thousand years ago. In our opinion this is extremely strange, to say the least.

When and against whom built the wall? Similarly, we can not answer. To do additional research. However, we state the following idea.

The Great Wall of China was built primarily as a structure that represents the border between the two countries: China and Russia. It is doubtful that it was built as a military fortification. And it is hardly ever used in this capacity. Defend the 4000-km-long wall [948], p.44 from enemy attack pointless.

LNGumilev rightly said: "The wall stretches for 4 kilometers. Its height was 10 meters, and every 60-100 meters loomed watchtowers. But when the work was finished, it was found that all of China's armed forces is not enough to organize an effective defense on the wall (as if it could not be used to figure out before construction — Ed.). In fact, if each tower to put a small force, the enemy will destroy him before the neighbors get together and have time to file a help. If, however, to place less often large groups, the gaps are formed, through which the enemy easily and invisibly penetrate inland. DEFENDERS OF ALCOHOL NO NO ALCOHOL "[948], p.44.

What is the difference between our point of view from the traditional? We are told that the wall separates China from nomads to protect the country from their raids. But as correctly noted Gumilev, this explanation does not hold water. If you would want to go to the Wall of nomads, they easily would have done it. And more than once. And anywhere. We also offer a completely different explanation. We believe that the wall was built primarily to mark the boundaries between the two states. And it was built when reached an agreement on this border. Apparently, in order to avoid boundary disputes in the future. But such arguments are likely to be. Today agreed to hand draw the line MAP (ie on paper). And consider that this is sufficient. And in the case of Russia and China, the Chinese, apparently, gave the value of the contract is that they decided to immortalize it, not only on paper but also "on the ground", spending on the Wall of the agreed border. It was reliable and was thought to Chinese rule out long border disputes. In support of this supposition is our own long walls. Four, or one or two thousand miles away — normally for the border between the two states. But for purely military facilities — is meaningless.

But after all the political border of China for its allegedly more than two thousand years of history changed many times. So we say historians themselves. China has combined, then collapsed into separate areas, lost and acquired some land, etc.

On the one hand it seems to be difficult to verify our reconstruction. But on the other hand, we have the opportunity not only to check it, but the construction of walls and dated. If we can find the political and geographical map where the borders of China WILL BE EXACTLY along the Great Wall of China, it will mean that this is the time wall and a.

Today the Wall is inside China. Was there a time when it signified the country's borders? And when did this happen? Clearly, if it was built as a boundary wall, at that time, she had to walk to the accuracy of the political boundaries of China. This will allow us to date the construction of the Wall.

Let's try to find a map, on which the Wall of China runs EXACTLY AS POLITICAL borders of China. It is important that such cards ARE. And a lot of them. It — Cards XVII-XVIII centuries.

Take a map of Asia XVIII century, made the Royal Academy in Amsterdam: L'Asie, Dresse sur les observations de l'Academie Royale des Sciences et quelques autres et Sur les memoires les plus recens. Par G. de l'Isle Geographe. a Amsterdam. Ches R. & J. Ottens, Geographes dans le Kalverstraat au Carte du Monde. This map comes from the rare atlas us XVIII century [722]. Sm.ris.8.13.

On this map, we find two states Tartary — Tartarie and China — Chine. See ris.8.14. The northern border of China is roughly along the 40th parallel. In ACCURACY OF THIS IS THE BORDER WALL OF CHINA. Moreover, this wall map is designated as bold line labeled Muraille de la Chine, which is "high wall of China" in French.

The same Wall of China, and with the same inscription on it, we see a different map 1754 — Carte de l'Asie, taken us from a rare atlas XVIII century [721]. See ris.8.15. Here Wall of China is also about the border between China and Great Tartary, that is, the Tatars = Russia. Sm.ris.8.16.

The same thing we see on a different map of Asia XVII century, in a satin Blau [947]. See ris.8.17. Wall of China is exactly on the border of China and only a small portion west wall is inside China.

For the benefit of our idea is also the fact that the cartographers of the XVIII century manor TO ALL POLITICAL MAP OF THE WORLD Wall. Consequently, this made sense Wall political boundaries. After all, is not portrayed as cartographers on this map other "wonders of the world," such as the Egyptian pyramids. A Wall of China — drew.

The same Wall displayed on a color map of the Qing Empire, the second half of the XVII-XVIII centuries in academic 10-volume History of the World [949], s.300-301. This map shows the Great Wall detail, with all its fine curves on the ground. Almost its entire length, it is EXACTLY AS THE BOUNDARY OF CHINESE EMPIRE, except for a small portion of the western walls of a maximum length of 200 kilometers.

Apparently, the Chinese Great Wall was built in the XVI-XVII centuries AS A POLITICAL BORDER BETWEEN CHINA AND RUSSIA = "Mongol-Tatars."

It is impossible to assume that the "ancient" Chinese people have such an amazing gift of foresight that accurately predicted — how it will be the boundary between China and Russia in XVII-XVIII centuries, a new era, that is, after two thousand years. We can argue, on the contrary, the border between Russia and China in the XVII century spent at the ancient wall. However, in this case the wall would have to be referred in writing to Russian-Chinese treaty. We found no such mention.

When the Wall was built = Border between Russia = "Mongol-Tatars" and China? Apparently, it was in the XVII century. No wonder it is considered that its construction of the "finished" only in 1620 [141], Volume 6, p.121. And maybe even later. See more on this below.

In this regard, just remember that it is the time between Russia and China border war occurred. See Soloviev, "History of Russia since ancient times" [950], Volume 12, Chapter 5. Perhaps only in the late XVII century border treaty. And then built a wall to secure the treaty.

Was the wall before the XVII century? Apparently, no. Scaligerian history tells us that China was conquered "Mongolia" in the XIII century BC. e. Specifically, in 1279. And he went into the huge "Mongol" = Great Empire. According to the new chronology, the correct dating of this conquest — the end of the XIV century, that is, a hundred years later. In Scaligerian Chinese history, this event was noted in XIV century as the rise to power of the Ming dynasty in 1368, that is THE SAME Mongolia.

As we now understand, in the XIV-XVI centuries Russia and China still accounts for one empire. And because there was no need to build a wall border =. Most likely, the need arose after the Troubles in Russia, the defeat of Russian Horde dynasty and the seizure of power by the Romanovs. As you know, the Romanovs abruptly changed the political course of Russia, seeking to subject the country to Western influence. Such a pro-Western orientation of the new dynasty led to the disintegration of the Empire. Department of Turkey, and it began with heavy war.

Separated and China. And, in fact has been lost control of a significant part of America. China's relations with the Romanovs had become strained, began cross-border conflicts. Needed to build a wall that was done.

Apparently, you can even specify more precisely the time of construction of the Great Wall of China. As we have said, the wall was apparently built as a border between China and Russia during the XVII century border disputes. Armed clashes erupted in the middle of the XVII century. War came with mixed results [950], s.572-575. Descriptions of these wars are preserved with notes Habarova.

The agreement, to fix the northern border CHINA AND RUSSIA, was imprisoned in 1689 in Nercinsk. It may have been earlier attempts to conclude a Russian-Chinese treaty. It is expected that the Chinese Wall was built between 1650 and 1689. This expectation is justified. It is known that the Emperor Kangxi = Bogdyhan "has launched its plan WIPE RUSSIAN with cupids. To build in Manchuria chains of fortified (!-Ed.), Bogdyhan in 1684 sent to the Amur manzhurskuyu army, "[949], Volume 5, s.312.

What such a chain of fortifications built Bogdyhan to 1684? Rather, he built the Great Wall of China. That is, the chains of fortified towers connected by a wall.

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