The Gulf Stream is the other?

Scientists claim that the Gulf Stream is something going on. But here's what — opinions vary
Whether there was an accident at the oil platform "British Petroleum" in the Gulf of Mexico, the reason of "failure" in the "work" the Gulf Stream? Weather events of the past and the beginning of this year clearly indicates that the current, which is called the kitchen weather across Europe and the North Atlantic, something happens. But what — the opinions of experts from different countries in this respect differ.

During last year's oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico spilled more than 5 million barrels of oil. According to Professor Gianluigi Zangar from Italy, the oil spill and its treatment chemicals put Gulf Stream, which is closely associated with the Gulf, to the brink of ekokatastrofy. This ocean currents began new physical changes that cause a heavy blow to the entire ecosystem as a whole, he wrote in an article published in the Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

The data obtained from satellites, confirms reduction of chlorophyll concentration in the Gulf of Mexico is 100 times that can greatly affect the water circulation. The more chlorophyll in the water, the more favorable conditions for the life of microscopic plant organisms.

A reduction of the latter is the main cause of the mass extinction of fish, which is already taking place in the region in recent months. According to Gianluigi Zangar, today's climate anomalies in Europe are the first sign of serious problems of ocean circulation.

Other Western scholars call the main cause of the current natural disasters in Europe slowing of the Gulf Stream as a result formed in the Gulf of Mexico oil slick. Finally coming to the continent for more cool and correspondingly less to defend Europe from the influence of the Arctic.

U.S. agency NASA, on the contrary, said that for the last 10 years, Gulfstream became stronger and warmer. Russian experts believe that the ecological disaster, which led to the Gulf of Mexico accident, a direct impact on the Gulf Stream was not there. A climatic anomalies, occurring in Europe, explains the solar activity. Head of the "Climate and Energy" WWF Alexei Kokorin said:

"I would not divert public attention from the human influence on the climate and the enhanced greenhouse effect on other issues that have been studied very little and can be supplied to such a direct and significant impact. As for the enhanced greenhouse effect and thus changing air mass is visual phenomenon, which include increases in the frequency and intensity of anomalies. As we saw in Europe this winter. "

The value of the Gulf Stream to Europe is difficult to overestimate. This powerful warm during every second carries up to 50 million cubic meters of water, which is about 20 times larger than all the rivers of the earth together. To ensure the mild climate of the Old World were enough that Europe comes to a little more than half of the body of water. The rest is lost due to the many branches emanating from the current.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream Europeans live in a comfortable climate. But over the past six months, the state of the Old World have lost billions of dollars due to natural disasters. Experts actively discuss: whether natural anomalies associated in Europe with the changes in the Gulf Stream. And these changes depend, in turn, on the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? As can be seen, the point in their discussion is too early yet.

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