The Holy War Russian people

Why do we overcome? Detailed answers to this question are dimensionless, as well as answers to the question why we could not win. We are not the first, not the last we have. By the way, a simple good faith inspires us to send our readers to a prior (at the time of our room) issue of the magazine "Expert" who places on the subject especially sensible series of materials. Trying to grasp neohvatnoe, restrict theses.

1. Germany could not win a war on two fronts, in any case. Neither Germany nor its allies did not have the resources — and human and real — how much, or are comparable to the resources of its enemies, not only all together, and each separately.

2. Why did Hitler, certainly possessed of strategic thinking and leniem certainly consider the war on two fronts, the German horror itself, such as without the help of others, it went on, attacking the Soviet Union? In the words of General Blumentritt, "taking this fateful decision, Germany lost the war." All have reason to believe that this decision was dictated by the circumstances of irresistible force. Directive "Barbarossa" was improvised, compulsory course and hence — a deliberate gamble.

3. The Western powers and turn inexorably pushed Hitler to a clash with the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia surrendering to him (strong industrial resource pre-war Europe) and substituting Poland. Poland without putting a front facing Germany and Russia were at the technical level is unrealistic — for lack of a common border.

4. All the acts of Stalin, with all the tactical mistakes and errors were completely rational preparation for the global clash with Germany. Starting from trying to make the system of collective security in Europe and to defend Czechoslovakia and unhappy ending Ribbentrop — Molotov. By the way, whatever is read as "criticism" of the pact, not engaged plain sight on the map with the knowledge of the events of the first months of the war enough to realize what the consequences could cause these accidents, if military operations in Germany began with the 'old' border.

5. Actions of 1939-1940 clearly demonstrate the preparation of Hitler in coordination with Japan, a large-scale operation against British positions in Central Asia and India. It was a completely rational attempt to avoid the "resource curse" and the upcoming — a war on two fronts. "The British oil in the Middle East — the more valuable prize than the Russian oil in the Caspian Sea" — is Admiral Raeder, September 1940. (Especially since the incident and the famous historical documents show that Hitler did not set his own goal and complete destruction of destruction of Britain. A first — the military defeat and forced the union.) Outside of this context can not explain any large-scale plans for the promotion of Rommel in the Middle East or German political and military activity in Persia and India, no actual restraint land of the rising sun to the signing of a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union. Depriving Germany only chance for success in a protracted struggle with the Soviet Union.

6. In the case of fortune this operation ensured a minimum of "neutralization" of the British Empire and the Soviet Union immediately surrounding the combined forces from the south land of the rising sun, and Germany. Following that attack on the Soviet Union in the "soft underbelly" deprived of its strategic depth of defense, which has been and remains our primary real advantage.

7. There is reason to believe that Stalin was aware of this, in fact, the only rational logic of Hitler's own planning and in particular came out of it. Specifically, on this basis, he was skeptical of the analysis and the preparation of intelligence disk imaging Hitler imminent attack USSR, considering it as a deliberate British disinformation.

8. Britons who find themselves in this situation to the brink of disaster, not left with no other choice, except as may be faster to draw as the USSR into the war against Germany. Britain was even easier to convince Hitler of the possible danger of attack by Stalin at a time when the Germans were deeply involved in the operation in the Middle East than to convince Stalin in danger from the ambulance Hitler. This was all the more easy because to a large extent consistent with the common sense and reality. English is also widely abilities of agents in the higher echelons of the Third Reich.

9. The only chance to avoid a protracted two-front war, a war of attrition of resources has become a blitzkrieg. The calculation of the capacity of the world's most effective military machine, the calculation is not so much on the full military the defeat of the Soviet Union as the destruction of the Russian state, which, as you know, does not fall apart. After the failure of the Blitzkrieg is no clear strategy of Germany has failed to form.

10. The sudden, from the standpoint of the plans of Stalin, Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union, in fact, got the best of Britain from defeat. It also deprived the chance to become Stalin's absolute winner in the second world war. In a real sense, the second world war was the only favorite. And this, of course, not Britain, almost everything is made for this, but ultimately lost its empire. The sole winner was the United States that have turned the anti-Hitler coalition in the large market for its own industry and their own loans. In the end of the war the United States is concentrated at a fraction of the world's wealth, which is the history of mankind has never experienced. What, in fact, for the Yankees is the most fundamental. Ultimately War Russian The Alliance was face to face with a united front of all the advanced countries of the world. I saw Gen. Bill Odom, the last chief of the U.S. NSA, "these criteria in the West was due to play as bestalantno to give advice though what-or a chance to beat the cool war. " He never gave. This is all a prelude context. Russian Alliance, as you know, and headed for the military of the fracture, and a lot of military and technical advantages in the course of the war. By the way, it is curious that Germany, which put on instant wins, in general initially refuses to military mobilization of its own economy. Also in 1941, the military establishment in Germany increased by 1% — less than the creation of objects of use. To complete mobilization, including in the economic, the Germans fled when it was too late — when the allied air force to bomb a German industry into the ground. But the major turning point of the war — is 1,941 th July to December. Russian army and the Russian economy suffered such loss, in which no matter which of the other warring states consider herself defeated. USSR not only refused to consider himself the defeated — it was not scattered and did not go to pieces. War between states turned into a people's war, in what is tantamount to the complete defeat of the extermination of the people. In Hitler incarnate enemy of the human race. And this holy war, organized and led by the Stalinist regime. Was able to lead and managed to organize. Earlier this particular regime did historically unprecedented magic, preparing background material for the war itself. February 4, 1931, Stalin gave a speech: "We are behind the advanced countries of 50-100 years. We must cover this distance in 10 years. Or we'll create it, or they crush us. " The 10 years old Russian economy grew at the highest rate, which knew the story. What the price and the means by which this has been achieved, it is essential. The cost of this — a massive expropriation of real resources and the massive introduction adject
ive labor. And when it comes to our military victory and in the context of bravura correlations of the outstanding successes of Russian economy, the issue price is key. And not in order to condemn and denounce, and in order to realize. Including works and how the system works or not capable to pay any cost for the total. And to answer the question: why then the country has not collapsed, and in 1991 dropped from a light blow? And what can we do now?

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