The house in which he lives Zenith

Fan Andrew Garmash repaired his porch and turned it into a mini-museum of football


 On the eighth floor of a typical high-rise buildings on the street Kupchinskaya Jaroslav Hasek placed corner "Zenith". A football fan has decided to repair the area in front of the elevator on my floor, but got so carried away that turned the area into a real entrance to the museum. Correspondents "HB" were among the first visited it and found out that it was spodviglo young man to paint everything in the blue-white-blue color.

When you climb to the eighth, "zenitovsky" floor, then freezes in admiration. Instead of dark green walls, wildly red cells and dirty gray floor flaunt blue-white-blue colors, emblems of "Zenith", cups, balls … On the wall between the elevators — small clippings about players prewar "Zenith". Poster match with "Spartacus" June 22, 1941 …

Corner dedicated team, started a couple of months ago with the usual repairs in the entrance.

— In April, I decided to paint the common hallway on my floor, — says Andrey. — I was oppressed by dark green paint on the walls and eerie red battery. In addition, when the spring was changed elevators, one wall is generally painted in a different color.

However, conventional painting the walls was not the end. To decorate the wall, he decided to carve out Penopleks (heater) a small emblem of the "Zenith". The latter over the old battery looked sad, so had to turn the heating element in the fireplace … the blue-white-blue color. Further exhibits of the Museum "pulled" one after the other — hand with the ball and the cup, a portrait of Paul Sadyrin that led "Zenith" to the title in 1984, and a lounge chair fitted by zenitovskim flag. However, the chair of enterprising thieves had nailed to a bright blue floor.

— Young people should remember the history of the team — says Andrew — often go to the fan sector and I see that today's fans know her very badly, they only want to light the torches.

Therefore, in the master plans of the second zenitovskoy room above the coat of arms and the flag of St. Petersburg "Zenith" to place the portraits and brief biographies of all the coaches of the team, forwards and personal idols Andrew: goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev and striker Alexander Kerzhakov.

Rooting for the "Zenith" Andrew began eight years ago. And when in 2005 the team won the UEFA Cup, a fan started to go on the 12th sector. By training Andrei Garmash — pastry chef, working industrial mountaineers. However, the young man wants to change jobs at the height of a more creative — for four years, he never got rid of fear.

— I am a self-taught — admits Andrew — no art, no construction education I have. Nothing ever was making with his hands, and then tried it and liked it. His ideas draw from the Internet. For example, the idea of using hands I borrowed from the door handles in the form of handprints. Sometimes the neighbors passing by, do not stand up and tell it how else to decorate the walls.

Ideas for registration come into my head master at work. Conceived of turns is not all. For example, among the rejected ideas — a heart with the inscription "Zenith" and hands, tearing clothes, under which is the heart.

— If it is not, then I save aside — admitted Andrew — then go after the next time.

Corridor near the elevator in the blue-white-and-blue room the young man turned in just one month — repairs he paid for two hours after work. Penopleks, painting knife, sandpaper, plaster, paint — that's all the building material master.

By the initiative of Andrei friends are treated with respect. Here are just a fan of altruism colleagues do not share, and say: that was given to you this "Zenith". But outside people feel good about hobbies young man. One woman even donated to the museum old posters players. Moreover — found a fan who donated money to repair more than one room on the floor.

Neighbors to the hobby guy are appreciated. Before you get started, he asked them for permission, and they decided, rather succulent blue-white-blue color than the old dirty-green is not sure which team.

— We really like what Andrew did — shared his opinion neighbor, seeing as correspondents with interest the exhibits — was good to be back home.

ZHILISCHNIK, according to Andrew, on a trip to the eighth, "zenitovsky" floor also came. Approved the work, but orders for a similar design improvements in other ceremonial have left. In general, from those who want to see an unusual floor no end. Football fans and the curious, the master says, go to the other floors as well as from other houses.

— I'm just finishing the second room — shared with a smile Andrew — and I wait with pleasure orders like "corners." I would very much like to combine work with a hobby — something to do in the studio with his own hands for the good and for the soul.

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