The largest landing ship of the Russian Federation sell for scrap

The largest amphibious ship Russia sold for scrap

Large Landing Ship (BDK) "Mitro Moskalenko"Project 1174, assigned to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, will be sent to the scrap, told the newspaper" Izvestia "a source in the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC). Last 10 years ship was in reserve.

According to the official publication, the command will arrange the auction of "Mitrofan Moskalenko" — the market value of the vessel is approximately 2.5 million dollars. The source noted that the Defense Ministry has decided to write off the BDK of economic judgments. In addition, non-obvious and demand has become the vessel for the needs of the Navy.

According to experts, in the coming years landing Navy fleet will decrease rapidly. At the current time on the balance sheet of the Russian fleet in the main an old Russian ship — including 15 ships of the Polish production of Project 775, built from 70's to 90's, and four Project 1171 BDK 1960s and 1970s.

According to the chief editor of the magazine "Arms Export" Andrey Frolov, if the process of writing off an old technology will go at the same pace, by 2020, the Russian Navy may be only four large amphibious ships — two French Mistral missile and two Russian BDK new project 11711 "Ivan Gren. "

Ships Project 1174 (NATO code by Ivan Rogov class) designed for amphibious landing by sea and transfer of troops and supplies. Ship of this type have developed forecastle and aft superstructure. BDK Project 1174 in the most capacious Russian Navy. Their full displacement — 14,060 tons. Cruising range at 18 knots in the ordinary of supplies of fuel is 4,000 miles.

The lead ship of this type was "Ivan Rogov" — he left for scrap in 1996. Regular ship project — "Alexander Nikolaev" — in reserve since 1997.

BDK "Mitro Moskalenko"Was put into service in the Soviet Navy in 1990. Were placed on board up to 50 tanks, 80 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles or 120 trucks. At the docks can accommodate six landing craft or three hovercrafts. Though initially raises the question of modernization"Moskalenko"But later the idea was decided to abandon due to its uneconomic.

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