The most effective air battle

July 6, 1943 Lieutenant Alexander Horowitz knocked in one battle nine enemy aircraft

Highest dogfightAlexander K. Horowitz

It was the second day of the Kursk battle. The Germans all the means at their facilities have tried to break through our defenses. But the most unsafe of these funds was a dive bomber Junkers Ju-87. As in the first 40 and second 40 in German Ju-87 was used in the same capacity, in which we used artillery, in other words, the breakthrough. No matter how perfect was our defense, like any deeply buried in the ground our infantry, bomb Junkers punched holes in all positions, unless, of course, Junkers no one could stop.

Could also prevent them, at first, our fighter aircraft, which by the middle of 1943 has grown both quantitatively and qualitatively. If in the first 40 Junkers fought with I-153 and I-16, armed ShKAS, 40 second — the Yaqui and LaGGs one Shvakov and one NSOM, we now have our pilots had a plane La-5.

The design of the fighter La-5 was, like the LaGG-3, all-wood, from the modified delta-wood, but the aircraft was equipped with an air cooled engine continues to run after getting a few hits, and defended in front of the pilot. But, most importantly, the La-5 was armed with 2 Shvakov with a total of 340 rounds ammunition.

Specifically on such a plane and flew on the day the deputy commander of the 1st Squadron of the 88th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 8th Guards Fighter Aviation Division of the 5th Fighter Air Corps 2nd Air Army of the Voronezh Front Guard Lieutenant Alexander K. Horowitz 2 th day Battle of Kursk. He flew together with his wingman Basil Rekunova on patrol in the area Volodymyrivka — Kochetovka — Zorinsk Yards — Olhovatka.

Highest dogfightBust on the spot death Gorovtsa

Over the shoulders of 28-year-old Gorovtsa was a great flight and combat experience — even before the war, he served as an instructor in Shakhty flying club, and already on June 25 he was drafted into the Red Army. For two years fighting Horowitz made 74 sorties, destroyed 11 German warplanes personally and in group 6, and 40 cars and 24 carriages.

On that day patrols seem bad — in the air were only German fighters, which had been ordered not to touch — the shells laid up for the Junkers. And that's where patrols have already come to an end, and the pilots, having passed the area changers, turned to the base, suddenly svephy behind them papy stormed the Me-109. Ppikpyvaya vedyschego, Rekynov here rushed at the enemy. At this point, Horowitz saw a huge group of Junkers, soaring to the bombing of our positions.

The radio Gorovtsa out of order, and driven, fascinated by the battle with fighters, lost sight of the commander.

While the slave fought with Me-109, Horowitz launched its own fighter and one rushed for bombers. First of all he has brought down the flagship. Horowitz then quickly stormed the subsequent enemy. He thrashed with a rather short distance, summing fighter practically very tightly to the bombers. Broke out in the air and broke into pieces the second Junkers, then came on the third. Story Germans broke up, they began to disperse, and Horowitz everything again and again boldly went on the attack. So he shot down eight enemy aircraft. When the ammunition was expended, he struck the propeller on the tail feathers of the ninth bombers. Vorachivayas the damaged plane on its own airfield, Horowitz came under surprise attack four enemy fighter Fw-190. He began to maneuver to dodge the enemy's line, but the forces were very unequal. His plane was shot down and went to the ground vertically. Horowitz opened the lantern ring and pulled the parachute, but could not be saved. The plane fell into the crater of a large bomb and it was covered with earth.
All this was followed our land artillery and infantry, and the accuracy of the combat air does not cause vibrations.

Crashed plane Gorovtsa found only in 1957. At the half-rotted shirt Guards badge, two orders of Red Banner. In the tablet map with the route of flight, carefully drawn in colored pencil Volodymyrivka — Kochetovka — Zorinsk Yards — Olhovatka, faded photos, Logbook, ID card, letter. Commissar Ivnyansky District said the General Administration of Staff of the Ministry of Defence to find on a farm Zorinsk Yards plane, surname, name and patronymic of the pilot. Soon came the reply, in which it was reported that the fighter pilot Gorovtsa Alexander K. was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Union.

The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR in Moscow, Russian hero Alexander Gorovtsa Union was the subject of a shield. Look for exposed plane La-5, cannons and machine guns without a single bullet and cartridge, which were all shot in the unforgettable aerial combat. In place of his death on the 597-th kilometer of the Moscow-Simferopol, the bronze bust. In Vitebsk street where his ancestors had lived before, in 1957, renamed the street Gorovtsa. In 1995, the park on the street as a monument.

Highest dogfight

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