The most efficient armies now

Today's reality is that the slogans of peace, demilitarization and the brotherhood of all people do not even gone to the second plan, but somewhere even further. As if the war ended and the cool, well or, at least, we are so pronounced, and the growth of armaments in the world is in full swing. Once a year, the budgets of the military-industrial companies springing up like mushrooms after a rain warm. Only here we talk about the fact that our native army is becoming a real stronghold of the country does not have to have which year. On the screens often heard the words that Our homeland has launched a new type of weapon, upgraded small gun, but specifically to the troops, such modernization comes occasionally. I remember the footage film "DMB", where General presents the entrenching tool in order to soldiers who have not got machines. Since the release of the film's release was a long time, but the essence of the Russian army has not changed fundamentally. Because, if we consider the level of combat readiness of our forces in comparison with other global armies, the output is not in our favor.

The most efficient armies today

South american GI: the price of the 1st set of equipment — $ 18,000

When asked which army better now, pretty hard to answer. If we talk about combat capability in terms of spending on the military budget funds, the clear favorite here in the Americans. Outfit of the 1st fighter U.S. military costs the state more than 18,000 bucks. We have taken up this amount you can put a whole regiment. South american Congress spared no means universal in their own fighter and wasting their time over half a trillion dollars a year. Despite the fact that such a waste of torn treasury States, it is not enough who cares, because there overseas know that our homeland, Brazil and other holders of the funds in U.S. currency paid to the reliability of the Stars and Stripes borders of the republic. Americans are wasting huge amounts of money on weapons of their own fighters. Once a year, the Yankees upgraded gun and goes straight to the military units. All these facts show that in the case of a specific military contact with the Yankees, if, God forbid, such happens, Russian troops will have a very hard. Final battle between these armies will be decided in advance. This course is not about nuclear confrontation, as in this case at all about any victory was read stupid. Public organizations continue to blame the Pentagon to build military capabilities, but the Pentagon as one Vaska which listen for yourself but eat on.

The most efficient armies today

China has the largest and one of the great armies of the world filled with

During the last years with dignity on the world stage came the Chinese army. These brave men in contrast to the "peace-loving" the Yankees are not acts of war, trying to spread democracy or something else. But spending on the army of the Communist Party Celestial grow very impressive pace. During the year the Chinese managed to increment military embezzlement of more than 40 billion. bucks. China's army is truly amazing in its scope. In principle, this is understandable, because the population of China, as well as his current ambition is very large. Now the Chinese armed forces are like a giant dog that is quiet about its own booth, his eyes closed, but with one eye still glancing at what is happening around. Allow yourself to see that such a strategy is more rational than the South American. Certainly, and the Chinese can enter in either Afghanistan, "force for peace" own dear neighbor — North Korea, but they are well aware that modern warfare — it's not an epic confrontation on the open battlefield.

By the way, if you read about the armies of the world, why not mention the so-called "non-military". But what they are not fighting efficiency of municipal armed forces? The same army of Hamas or Hezbollah, which had caused a stir in the world, even though it was the terrorist groups, but it is a question of terminology. What does NATO planes bombarding Serbian town or school in Libya, it is not a terrorist entity? Funding for non-state armies, of course, is not measured hundred square meters billion euros, and in the combat effectiveness of their reproach does not. This list is one of the house most The Taliban, the army is not able to "discipline" a powerful Russian army, For that year, and can not reach a long-awaited victory of South American armada. A handful of people scurrying to the mountains in broken shoes, torn clothes and MANPADS on the shoulders — here's a good example of effective fighting now. Loss — small outfit in general is not provided, and of power, in principle, too. You say — a barbaric country, barbarian army. But we are talking about the effectiveness of military units. By the way, the barbarian army at the time utterly defeated the Roman legions, which got better and excellent, and the facilities received considerable. For you, it does not remember anything in the world today.

The most efficient armies today

The Taliban — is the people's militia, the ideological foundation of which is random and rather crude interpretation of Islam, are widely distributed in most parts of Afghanistan since 1996.

The main factor in organizing the Taliban, except the religious, is its declarative zeal "to put an end to war on the terrain of Afghanistan." This slogan was particularly active during the "Russian occupation" and in the following years. So Makar, the Taliban has blossomed in particular due to the Soviet Union, whose presence in Afghanistan was seen as an occupation. As is known, the presence of external enemy connects voedinyzhdy civilization.

Taliban regime in the strongest organized life of those who are on the ground of its distribution. In the middle of "achievements" Taliban — "the liberation of women of the East", from work, from the ability to get an education, etc. The Taliban are intolerant towards people of other Islamic denominations. Namely, not once used repressive measures against Shiite Muslims.

Maybe the combat capability of the army and even lies not in its funding, but in the ideology and loyalty of soldiers own patronymic, religion, principles. In general, a brilliant machine, laser-guided to the target and 5000 USD a week do not guarantee victory. After all, our majestic victory was gained not by what we currently call the equipment of a soldier's life and well-being. Draw your own conclusions, what is it most efficient army of our time

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