The most expensive of the Order of the Russian Federation and the USSR

The most expensive of the Order of Russia and the USSRIn the middle of the military decided not to consider the financial price merit, and we talk about it, what is called, the personal cost. This is true, because it's not about how much the order or medal stand in the foreign currency equivalent, and even more significant here is the value that his zeal, and later paid a man with blood, so to be able to wear this merit on its own uniform.

But the question of monetary rewards prices are also quite curious, because in this material make out those services that are of the highest price in a particular currency equivalent. Many of the military services are the most true works of jewelry that are decorated with precious stones and metals.

One of the most valuable modern orders of the Russian Federation is order Andrew. It really is not only valuable from the point of view of public order, and the merit, Financial cost of which is very high. The fact is that the Order is attached diamond symbol in the form of a two-headed falcon. It is mounted on a silver necklace that is worn on the neck of the award. The market price Order of St. Andrew is, according to some reports, more than five million dollars.

Due to the fact that in the near future in Russia grown the number of sales of municipal awards, almost all jewelry stores and organizations such as the pawnshop decided to abandon the loan on the security of military and municipal awards. This is due to the fact that services often fall into the hands of crooks who try to sell them and get the "real money."

The most valuable is the era of the Order of the Russian Order of "Victory". This is the highest military order a total weight of 78 grams. The structure of the Order comes immediately a few precious metals. It's platinum, gold and silver. The share of platinum in the Order most big — 47/78. Order decorated with 2 kinds of precious stones: rubies and diamonds.

First Knight of the "Victory" was Marshal Zhukov in 1944. This is a very fascinating fact, because victory over Nazi Germany was still more than a year. Noteworthy that awarded the "victory" of top military commanders in 1944-1945. The only exception took place many years after the war ended. Brezhnev was awarded. But in 1989, another General Secretary (Mikhail Gorbachev) abolished the awarding of the medal of Leonid Brezhnev.

In the history of the Order of the "Victory" were awarded to the same 5 people overseas, including those now living the last ruler Mihai first. Zhukov and Vasilevsky Stalin awarded the Order of the "Victory" twice.

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