The most powerful weapon — THERE COMES meteorological and polarity …

Most "wandering" of the pole, or a reversal is coming?

Our planet's two pairs of poles. Across geographic pole is the Earth's axis, the one on which "rub my back bears." But as the Earth — it is also a huge magnet ball, there is a second pair of poles — magnetic. The magnetic and geographic poles corresponding do not match. For example, the magnetic pole in the Northern Hemisphere is 1,600 kilometers from the geographical. Recall that any compass needle points to magnetic north is, and not to the real north.

Magnetic pole in the Northern Hemisphere in 1831 opened the famous explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, James Clark Ross. After some time, scientists have noted with some surprise that the magnetic pole, in contrast to its geographical counterpart, constantly moving at 10-15 kilometers per year. For nearly a century and a half from the start of observations that rate remained unchanged.

In mid-1960 pole-wanderer retired from the point where it was once found Ross (Boothia Peninsula area), hundreds of kilometers to the north! According to preliminary calculations, the Canadian territory pole was to leave no earlier than the second half of the XXI century.

But then something inexplicable happened: the pole sharply increased speed — up to 50 kilometers a year — and he was outside of Canada! Accordingly, with the acceleration of the magnetic pole moves and the southern hemisphere, which had long been moved from the Antarctic to the Indian Ocean. But, before we discuss the possible effects of the mysterious "race to the poles," said two more closely related to the same phenomenon anomaly.

Like any magnet, the Earth has its own magnetic field, which extends up to tens of thousands of kilometers and is the armor on the way, not only solar radiation, but also much more powerful "shells" — cosmic rays.

Magnetic shield has not only a protective function. Thanks to him, the possibility of further radio communications, secure management of high-tech high-risk facilities …

More recently, a marked weakening of the magnetic armor over the planet. This was first felt by the residents of the eastern regions of Canada. From the late 1980s here, strange malfunctions of electronic equipment, radio interference. Mysterious technological accidents happen in other places. It is possible that the recent cascading blackout in the Moscow region, and later in Switzerland, to a certain extent due to the solar wind, break through the "leaky" magnetic shield.

German scientists from the Center for the Study of the Earth indicate a rise in the number of mutants, similar to Chernobyl, including animals and plants.

Recall — the planet is global warming. The first time in 12,000 years, began to rapidly melt giant glaciers of Antarctica. For example, in the Ross Sea (the same) was a colossal iceberg B-15 the size of Jamaica. Recently, under the influence of warming, he broke into a dozen smaller icebergs, and fragmentation continues.

A similar pattern is observed in the Arctic. The snow cover in Greenland decreased by 10%. The planet raging typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes and floods akin to the great flood … to intensify the process in the depths of the oceans, particularly in the North Atlantic, called "keyhole", which turns the key that triggers the mechanism of global climate change on the planet …

What does all this lead?

Perhaps, natural phenomena, which were discussed above relate to the impending reversal when the North magnetic pole becomes the South and vice versa. In fact, this has already happened. In the entire history of our planet magnetic field changes sign 171 times! Obviously, it was the turn of the 172. The question is how soon it will happen and what are the consequences?

Some scientists say that the decisive phase of the pole shift happens almost instantaneously. Others are convinced that the process of reverse spread over many decades. Of course, it will be accompanied by a strong natural disasters, the life on the planet will continue.

When will it happen? If you have recently talked about the thousands of years, today many people call to a shorter time — 500-700 years, if not point to the middle of the century.

Can affect this process any fatal accident such as dropping a large meteorite? While science is not the answer to this question.

The most powerful weapon — the weather?

September 4, 1985 Almazul over the town in the Spanish province of Soria hung black clouds. To the surprise of observers to look forward to the blessed rain, in the dark I come quickly ducked tiny private passenger airplane. Witnesses said that he was running with a loud rumbling in the clouds for two hours, until the black ridge is not over completely. On the same day, when the sky clouded over again promising rain clouds, the peasants in the land again heard the clatter of aircraft engines. Return of "rain pirate" in the end forced longing for moisture grain growers call the local authorities, which, however, took no action.

In recent years, farmers in the harsh arid region have come to believe that some malevolent small airplane owned by private individuals, performing a task enemies are striving to disperse rain clouds over Soriey to turn Spain into a desert. According to the provincial authorities, local farmers brought to the extreme, and will soon start to fire harmless private aircraft, as it was in the seventies in the U.S. when angry farmers would try to bring down the notorious "black helicopter". According to estimates of experts, thirty percent of the residents are willing to retrain for Soria gunners.

But it is much more concerned authorities another circumstance. The Civil Aviation Authority of Spain has not been able to find out what kind of aircraft and where often there are "Pirates of rain." And military radar stations also failed to find air bullies.

People tend to see all conspiracies and evil machinations, did not fail to note that Spain has lost the grace of precipitation is only joined the European Community (and it happened just in 1985), as de-aircraft ghosts or rain pirates first appeared on her land shortly after the event. That's when the government announced the need to reduce grain production in order not to compete with other European growers. So much so, that the Spanish association of owners of private aircraft had to publicly deny any involvement in the rain-piracy and trying to distance itself from these "evil flyers." In the opinion of the Association, the idea that tiny airplane is able to "steal" the cloud, spraying any chemicals, is ludicrous, though pilots admit that a few times with my own eyes saw the storm fronts disappeared as if by magic when you're away from them at low altitude were planes.

In addition, the Spanish authorities recognize that the mysterious atmospheric phenomena are observed not only the northern region of the country. According to some reports, "rain pirates" with their elusive airplanes seen and droughts over the waning of Andalusia, whose power, however, stubbornly refused to believe in the existence of chemicals overclocking the clouds. Meticulous inspection of airports and military airfields did not reveal any unusual aircraft. Yet one local resident, reportedly managed to photograph a small airplane and left it strange trail that may contain substances that disperse the clouds.

In the report, the U.S. CIA, quoted in one of the rooms of the "Saturday Review" for 1977, very vaguely mentioned that the governments of several nations are able to influence the weather for military purposes. Perhaps, the authors had in mind a rather successful attempts to change the weather over North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, to make jungle impenetrable even for VC.

August 21, 1969 residents of the Caribbean island of Haiti saw a gigantic snow-white cloud, which first grew to monstrous size, then turned into a huge concentric rings, and finally dissipated. As it turned out, the cloud was one of the fruits of the operation, known as the "Fury of the storm", and which was designed to fill hurricane airflow silver iodide, lead and dry ice. It was believed that this "treatment" repeatedly reduces the power of the hurricane. Indeed, once in the "eye" storm, the chemicals 'loosen' it and sent to the other side. It was after one such operation devastating hurricanes went through Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras — countries that had never before had known no wind, except for the gentle sea breezes. This unexpected discovery meteorologists proved that if a hurricane can not create artificially, they, at least, can be controlled and even to influence the terms of its origin, affecting El Niño and other powerful ocean currents.

But here is whether you can make unexpected discoveries made in the implementation of the "Fury of the storm", in suitable weather for combat arms? Perhaps you can. At the very least, this shows a number of phenomena observed in recent years over the United States.

In service to collect information about the environment and then there are reports of "huge, similar to the grid" shapes in the sky, which seemed to leave the aircraft, spraying some substance. Shortly after these sprays living in those areas, people suddenly become ill. According to witnesses, in this painting the heavens attended the U.S. military plane that sprayed a substance similar in composition to the silver iodide. In an environment dominated by observers belief that these heavenly array — part of work on the creation of weather weapons.

In a memorandum issued by the Pentagon, "How to master the weather in 2025" and on his Web site says that cloud seeding helps create storm conditions in the atmosphere. Memorandum raises many questions, but it sounds very ominous, since it refers to the means of influencing the weather, weather events that cause the small and medium scale that will improve the tactical position of his troops and put in a disadvantageous position of enemy troops. It — excitement storm winds through cloud seeding, severe storms, fogs and call their dispersal by power plants. Of course, in this category includes a variety of beam weapons. The Pentagon program is designed to 2025 and involves, among other things, any configuration change theaters of war and the construction control the weather in the status of one of the integral parts of the national security policy both domestically and in the international arena, including at NATO, the UN or possible coalitions.

But this is — in the future, though not so distant. And yet … While there is a lively accumulation of information about all the new white trails in the sky. Moreover, there is a suspicion that even passenger planes spray chemicals, and their pilots are not aware of this. There are numerous reports about the country (and, apparently, is not helpful) plaque, which are covered with fruit trees in the gardens after the appearance of these aircraft, which fly mostly at night. According to some data gleaned from the Internet, there are cases of various diseases that affect the residents of the area over which appear white plumes.

January 27, 1999 the organization "Citizens Against UFO secrecy" has published data proving that the U.S. authorities are well aware of this nocturnal acrobatics unknown aircraft, leaving behind trails that turn into giant clouds that carry the disease. This is mainly respiratory problems, dizziness, vomiting.

I must say that the chemical plumes have their rightful place among the mysterious phenomena — from the circle to the wheat fields of the notorious faces on the surface of Mars. But to see them, do not have to cross oceans or surf the cosmic expanse. Reports of plumes coming from all over the U.S., and their flow is increasing. Many popular publications increasingly argue that chemical trails — the result of some of the military operation, covering the whole world. In its course, write newspaper people, ordinary civilian aircraft are often subjected to modifications and can spray chemicals (a mixture of barium salts and polymers) on the cities and villages. These modified aircraft to the project, code-named "Operation clover leaf", and crumbles of substances can cause respiratory diseases. It is believed that a mixture of barium salts contribute stealth aircraft, shielding him from the rays of the radar and visual observation. But there is no doubt that the chemical loops — the only part of a wider program of controlling the weather.

Leave at the time of the continental United States and go behind a train of barium salts in the island of Puerto Rico, where for many years under the guise of "harmless atmospheric experiments" takes a certain action is not entirely clear.

In the spring and summer of 1992, NASA conducted the first sounding rocket launches under the "Coke." It was stated that the probes designed to study the ionosphere. There have been eight, and the work was done under the auspices of the Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico). In Tortuguero Lagoon was erected temporary launch pad, and all eight runs, according to NASA, was successful, although the spent rocket stages and have not been found.

The rocket rose to heights of 150 to more than 400 kilometers, and the aim was to create a launch air disturbances in the ionosphere and asking her reaction to them. Experiments with barium rockets began even earlier, in 1960, was then with rockets and satellites for the first time and fell down barium. But the project "Coke" has caused even more entertaining "loss." May 25, 1992 some of Aguadilla Miguel Gonzalez saw a huge egg-shaped body, emit orange light. It came over the crowd of worshipers gathered to stare at the image of the Virgin Mary, who was allegedly in the town of Sabana Grande. Hovering over the crowd, the oval gradually turned into a puff of smoke. The day ufologists noted quite a few UFO near the site of prayer. The authorities have declared all the evidence is nonsense and said that vision triggered the rocket research under the "Coke."

Soon NASA suddenly declared that such experiments will be resumed in the same lagoon and starts under the "Coca-2" will begin in January 1998. Immediately faced the wave of protests. It is still too fresh in the memories of the notorious project "Cocky", after which the Tortuguero Lagoon hit all the trees. Opponents of the project argued that the gases and other substances that fall during the launch in 1992 (barium, bromtrehftoristy methane, etc.), as well as spent rocket fuel (hydrogen chloride and aluminum oxide) caused enormous damage to the environment and relaxing on the beaches of Puerto Rico people. Doctors noted an unexplained outbreak of skin diseases, but the authorities put the blame for this on the jellyfish, which abound thence coastal waters.

Project leaders claimed that applied in research gases are colorless, non-toxic and non-flammable, and that some of the compounds of these gases destroy the ozone layer and that their emissions are carried out exactly at the height of this layer, mention the "forgotten."

Projects "Coke" and "Coca-2" is certainly a danger to people and nature, but what was their real purpose? Some have suggested that the military tried to develop some models prikidochnye future war than now, as you know, is very keen on the Ministry of Defense, and, in particular, cause "turbulence in the upper atmosphere" with the spraying and radio waves sent from the Earth (in particular, of the Arecibo Observatory, and the lesser-known centers in Alaska). Arecibo conducting experiments with the heating of the ionosphere from the beginning of the seventies. In 1994, the improvement of equipment and instruments there spent several million dollars. The purpose of these experiments — disable communications possible opponent, achieving distortion of radio signals or sending super-bright flashes of light that damage sensitive optical instruments. With the known ingenuity, these "electronic attack" can be attributed to some sort of "weather events" and in case of need, innocently say, "We have nothing to do with it."

Throughout recorded history of mankind, from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, there is such a thing as a military secret, and bad rulers learned to keep their secrets. Roman spies called agentes in rebus. Actually, with them, and took an example knights of cloak and dagger all subsequent periods. We have no reason to doubt that our contemporaries, duly empowered, also excelled in the art of saving its secrets. But the mysteries associated with the meteorological weapons, in principle, impossible to keep, and it is possible that this new weapon of war is already having a huge and far from beneficial effect on our lives.

Nicholas Nepomnyashchii

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