The motion for a car spends another protest Stop petrol

The organizing committee of the "For Auto" March 11 has launched another campaign against the increase in fuel prices — "Stop Petrol 2".

About the agency BelaPAN Chairman of the organizing committee of the public association "For Auto" Artem Sharkov. "The action is limited in time, as long as no time limit we set," — he said.

The initiators of the campaign "Stop Petrol 2" gathered on the first day 30 signatures on a petition, which now will be sent to a number of government agencies.

"People have expressed dissatisfaction with the increase in selling prices for fuel, — the chairman of the organizing committee — so we decided to start a second action" Stop petrol. "Today, we have prepared an appeal to Belneftehim, the presidential administration and the Council of Ministers, which justify the inappropriateness of this increase and demand reduction in fuel prices, bringing us to the calculation of pricing and demand to deprive Belneftehim exclusive right to regulate prices. "

The leader of the "For Auto" expressed the hope that the appeal will attract the attention of government officials and Belneftehim and encourage them to dialogue. Otherwise, he said, the action "Stop Petrol 2" will be "more active and bright, will become the new".

Sharkov noted that "the requirements are probably overestimated in nature," but "if you do not ask for the maximum, you will not get anything." In He said, about "a certain efficiency," the first action "Stop Petrol", which took place in early June 2010, evidenced by the fact that the cost of fuel was not increased for nine months.

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