The mystery that connects all things

Divine Matrix

Science can not comprehend the main
mystery of the universe. And because we
themselves are part of the puzzle that
trying to solve.

Max Planck, physicist

Looking at your life from the outside, for the whole life and spiritual experience, wealth, relationships, the fears and the fear of something does not get or lose, love, career, we are also looking at the deepest and the most part not conscious beliefs . From the above it is obvious that the mind plays a key role in our lives, but it plays a lesser role in the existence of the universe.

In space, there are hundreds of billions of stars and planets and smaller celestial bodies even more. While all the stars and planets are huge to us, but the distance between them is huge, much larger than the entire volume occupied by the heavenly bodies. And what is in this void? Simply vacuum and nothing more? Of course this can not be, there is initially an integrated energy network connecting your body to the whole world, the whole matter of the universe.

This means that we have something more than just a passive observation of short-term events in the world, created long before us. Even Albert Einstein, in the recent past expressed contrary argument in his autobiography, they say we are just passive observers who live in long-finished universe, and to which we do not provide almost no effect, "This extends vast world that exists independently of human will. He stands before us the great and eternal mystery, almost inaccessible to our understanding and study. " And based on the experiments of the late XX century, proved that if one simply looks at what or thing, it changes under the influence of view, a colleague of Einstein John Wheeler stated quite radical interpretation of our role in the universe: "Everyone knows the old idea that, where- what is out there, is the universe, and here — man, reliably protected from it by six inches of mirror glass. Now, thanks to the quantum picture of the world, we know that the simple observation of microscopic objects such as the electron, requires us to break the mirror, we have to get there, in … Former passive observer should be deleted from the books. To replace him must come a full member of the world process. "

Quantum physics experiments clearly showed that the concentration of view of an electron, rather small particles, the properties of the electron change, resulting in suggested that the act of observation is essentially an act of creation, and that our consciousness has a positive force.

We were part of the creation of the universe

Knowledge of the fact that we are a party to the creation of the universe, not passive observers insist on reviewing the structure of the cosmos and ourselves and understanding about it. The basis of a radical change world view was based on the books and articles physicist and colleague of Einstein, David Bohm. On the eve of his death, the scientist in 1992, has given mankind two revolutionary theory, with a brand new holistic view of the universe and our time in it.

The first of his theories was the interpretation of quantum physics. which became the reason for the meeting with Einstein, Bohm, after which scientists are now friends. From this theory, introduced the concept of "creative control deep levels of reality," as he called it Bom. The essence of this theory is that there are higher levels of the universe, containing the model for all that is happening around us. That of the subtle worlds, layers of existence is the physical world that we see later.

The second theory is Bohm universe as an integrated system, the connection pool, which is not always visible. However, in the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California, David Bohm watching particles of matter in the plasma state, and found that the particles in the plasma state do not behave as separate elements, but as a component of something much larger, contrary to established at that time, the views and representations.

In his revolutionary book "Integrity and hidden order" (1980), he suggested that the case of our observation of the universe to some, conventional high point, all of the objects would look like a reflection of processes occurring in the other, the now accessible to our observation area. Us is the visible world and this area of creation, to distinguish them Bohm introduced the concept of a "visible" and "invisible."

All that we see, feel, that there is in our world and looks apart — rocks, oceans, forests, animals and people — only seem isolated, but in reality they are interconnected at a deeper level the highest integrity — hidden order is not available our perception of the moment. Above in this paragraph, the easiest way to be seen in the water, which can distinguish the alleged individual bursts, waves and eddies that occur because of the physical effects and can not be considered as independent beings.

From the above examples show that the universe and all that it contains is actually an integrated system in which everything is interconnected and interdependent. He himself, summarizing look at how the world has expressed the thought: "I would describe this new concept of reality as integrity in the moment."

Communication with the matrix

Once we understand ourselves
and the consciousness, we attain the Universe
and then all division disappears.

Amit Goswami, physicist

From the fact that there is something, or rather a matrix with which we can affect not only your life has brought science, esoteric and other spiritual teachings explained long ago. Matrix exists, it must learn to work, it needs to understand how the ancient energy substance and then learn how to articulate their desire to understand the matrix language.

The existence of a special language known initiates, where you can engage in dialogue with the matrix, is mentioned in the ancient mystical traditions, our ancestors have done it with ease. This language course is not like we usually eat every day words or letter. It is rather a language of feelings and emotions. The language we use and own it perfectly every day and to this day, though not quite consciously. That's just to manage their feelings and emotions can not everyone.

Which is also confirmed by modern scientists, found that any emotion causes a chemical reaction in the body by making changes in the pH factor and hormonal background. At any moment of life we experience the beneficial feeling of love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness, claiming his being or, on the contrary, to destroy his negative feelings — anger, envy, hatred and condemnation, it is noteworthy that these feelings and experiences expand their influence in the quantum space outside the body.

Employ a person with a matrix can be compared with the work of the artist, using the feelings, beliefs and estimates as a painter uses a palette of colors that give us the opportunity to create different situations and meet with different people in different places, and how the artist can turn out beautiful masterpiece or " kalyaki-Malaki.

Trail stretching from antiquity

Thus the universe is unfolding from the hidden (the spiritual world, not the manifested universe, the Toltecs — Eagle, rather emanations of it, and the ancestors of our whole world was divided into Nav, Reality and Law) in making the invisible visible state in the phenomenon. Despite the fact that this energy is very sensitive to the activities of our mind. And there is not nothing mentioned the spiritual world and the ancient teachings with quantum physics and the latest findings, as they have expressed in different words the exact same thought.

Our ancestors and all the true teachings from ancient times, from the Vedas and other later sources, said exactly that. The idea that the world around us — is a mirror reflecting and transferring to the world what is happening within us. In other words, the ancient Pobol already knew, but now our minds are only suitable for this and what previously was considered science fiction is now confirmed, experience and specific evidence.


Here in the last twenty years, people always expect the so-called end of the world, their opponents assert the opposite, all presented in pink, they say will happen all by itself, and most importantly fast. But first we must not forget that the cosmic scale of 100-200 years, only a moment, and for us, these years are whole epochs, not going for one or even two generations.

Secondly since we deal further and not only their own destiny, we must first see and realize its enormous potential, and then to seize the power of the universe to feel part of the world as a whole, rather than separate small, and only then to review their relationship with themselves and the world around us and on the basis of this act, and no matter what first round may lack understanding, everyone needs to start with yourself, and the more of these people will be, the better. ("Until I have done a number of seeds is accomplished my mission of this world.") We all expect much more significant date than 2012, — 2017 and it is even more important in 2034. And from each one of us to be the mankind to live happily ever after, or have our children can live full released time. Since this attitude to the world and to each other lead to disaster, which is not far off.

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