The Northern Fleet in the exercise of the Western Military neighborhood increases the naval group of ships in the Arctic

Now Kara Sea started to form a strong group of the Northern Fleet. The composition of groups in the current time, we have a heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the Great" and the large anti- ship (BOD), "Vice-Admiral Kulakov".

Recently, in the group will include a large landing ship (BDK) "Alexander Otrakovsky" and BOD "Admiral Chabanenko" rescue tugs "Altai" and the "Pamir", also support vessels. Only once in the Kara Sea will operate more than 10 combat ships of the Northern Fleet.

Creating a group of the Northern Fleet in the Arctic is a part of the inter-service exercises of the Western Military Area, which attracted forces of the Northern Fleet, the Air Force and Air Defense, also combined arms WEST.

The crews of the ships and vessels belonging to the grouping of different forces SF, will be a series of tactical exercises for the protection of fundamental separate objects — scientific stations, drilling systems, energy facilities, located in the Arctic region, including live-fire.

Warships of the Federation Council will also conduct exercises to ensure the safety of navigation in the Arctic regions of the Northern Sea Route. Marines SF, published by BDK "Alexander Otrakovsky" used cells landing on unequipped coast on one of the islands in the Arctic zone.

In the process of working out the teachings of the episodes in the Arctic marine areas would focus on rescue operations and relief of the sea ships and vessels in distress probation. To this end, the Kara Sea will form a detachment of search and rescue support, which will include rescue tugs "Altai" and the "Pamir".

Teaching carried out under the control of Commander WEST Colonel General Arkady Bakhina, the actions of groups of naval forces in the Kara Sea controls the Northern Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

During the exercise of the Western Military Area practiced joint actions by land, sea and air forces to protect the public interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, including in the areas of the Northern Sea Route.

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