The number of victims of tornadoes in the U.S. is growing. Photographic

The number of victims of powerful tornado that struck on Friday, March 2, to the states of the Midwest and South, United States: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, has risen to 39 people, hundreds of people were injured, reports "Rosbalt".

On the eve of state police reported 34 dead, but in the afternoon there were still at least six seats tornado that struck a number of settlements, a spokesman for the U.S. National Weather Service (National Weather Service), John Gordon (John Gordon).

On Friday, the governor of Indiana and Kentucky have declared a state of emergency to allow local governments access to federal resources. Assistance is also provided units of the National Guard, RIA "Novosti".

Most affected Kentucky, where 20 people died, 14 more — in Indiana, three — in Ohio. According to one victim stated in the states of Alabama and Georgia.

In hospitals continue to be wounded. Only in Kentucky from a tornado, which became the most powerful in the last 24 years, suffered 300.

Thousands of homes were left without power — in most U.S. cities outside electrical wires that are torn by strong gusts of wind. Serious damage inflicted building element security prison in Alabama, but the situation in the institution remains calm.

In 2011, the victims of the tornadoes in the U.S. were about 545 people, which was the highest since 1936.


According to local media, in the early morning of February 29, 5:00 am, heavy rain and tornadoes hit the state of Illinois, the city of Harrisburg, six people were killed and at least 100 people were injured, 300 houses were destroyed.

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