The opposition militiamen enough on criminals — not always

Society on March 4 in Belarus marks Day of the police. In Belarus, the police engaged not only in search of criminals, but also the persecution of political opponents of the government. Events of the past few months have given many examples of this.

Vitebsk Region

Graffiti "Shame employees MIA" — building on the October police station

The inscription "Shame employees MIA" has recently appeared on the building of the October rayaaddela police. Now graffiti painted over, as well as several other inscriptions, which were at the same time in the center of Vitebsk.

Derrick Alexander

Suspicion policemen were two teenage boys-eleventh. One of them, 17-year-old Ivan — son of the famous Vitebsk artist Alexander Towers:

"The son called me, said," Dad, I got here by the police. What's the matter, I do not understand. " Then he calls again: "Come into the office number 18 October police station, I was there." I came, I was the investigator says, "That's slogans have appeared." I asked, "What?" Says: "Long live Belarus!" So are you a mind to live Belarus? "No — responsible — I do not mind, but you can not write it on the houses it — hooliganism."

Mr. Derrick was present at the interrogation of his son. But the children of a friend, who was detained near the house, as he was returning from school, not even allowed to warn parents. They have started to look for her son, who did not return home on time, and only then found out that he was in the police.

Derrick Alexander said that in the search for the action on graffiti writers:

"There was, then, the inscription. And "Shame Interior Ministry employees." I said, "That they behaved normally the 19th of December, that such labels would not be!" They said, "We have information that did your son. And his friend. And then a friend told me that the police on him immediately started to press, "We all know you did it! NOT adpiraysya "In short, a full" zoom ".

Political graffiti painted over immediately

"Shits in the apartment, and the soul!"

March 2, after questioning his son, the police conducted a search of the apartment of Alexander Towers:

"Ugly, when climb into your home, go dirty feet … And nothing is missing, nothing is taken away. They — hostages of their own destiny, have to do it all, as the system dictates the terms of such a wolf! Have spoiled the apartment, and the soul! But they have now all is well: cheers, the search they did, put a check mark and yellow krasochki painted over if something somewhere to be. "

Although the evidence against the teenagers was not found, police reported the incident to the school, where children are learning. Now the administration considers them as "dysfunctional." "Unreliability" of the son is probably only in the fact that he is also interested in visual arts, learn to draw, — says the father-artist Derrick Alexander. He himself was in Vitebsk — a well-known personality, has participated in many art projects and author of the symbolism of the festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk".

A few years ago, when the city acquired explosions with casualties, police detained as suspects brothers spine. One of the reasons was that the improvised explosive devices were "stuffed" part of the watch, and the father was arrested once watchmaker, and the apartment found many "wheels and cogs." However, the real culprits then the police have not found it.

Now, says Derrick, suspicion fell on his son, because he is interested in painting, and his father, an artist, of course, there's the paint. Of that, they just live in the area where there were protest graffiti.

Gomel Oblast

The police — the cogs of the system

In Gomel, local police determined that the day before the beginning of December 19 preventively detain leaders of the election headquarters of alternative candidates for the presidency. Who gave them orders — is unknown. But the performers were just police officers.

The evening of 18 December, on the way home was captured Yuri Klimovitch, head of election headquarters in the region Vitaly Rymashevsky. He was returning from church, went to the store to buy tea — and he was arrested for allegedly using foul language and taken to a detention center. Two days after the court punished Klimovich 15 days of arrest for disorderly conduct.

"In our case it was the initiative of Gomel power structures — the KGB and the Interior Ministry. Because this happens only in the Gomel region — preventive seizure leaders on the eve of the election headquarters of the main voting. "

The morning of December 19, before the opening of polling stations, special forces detained for allegedly using foul language Yuri Zakharenko, regional head election headquarters Statkevich. Yet the streets are empty, public transportation does not go, and activist has allegedly swearing. Mr Zakharenko also condemned the arrest.

Gomel human rights activist, lawyer Leonid Sudalenka says that because his hands are against the police and activists of political affairs, even though the definition of such in the Criminal Code does not:

"This is a purely political matter! If the police is investigating the case that something that is not related to politics, they are, I believe, are working more or less professional. But when it gets political case, then they become deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to carry out orders. "

"In Sweden — 17,000 police officers in Belarus — many times more."

Activist Yevgeny Yakovenko, which police detained more than once, and after the election, after the KGB, has called on the conversation because of the riots in Minsk, Belarus surprised the number of police officers. In Sweden, for example, at 9,000,000 people police force numbers about 17,000 people. In Belarus — many times more.

Yakovenko"In fact, the number of police officers involved in this is hard to say. Whom she catches — is unclear. It is clear only that after the elections the police began to give more attention to the social activists and people who worked in the headquarters of the candidates. Ring up tens of thousands of people whose phones were at a certain time in a certain place, to conduct searches hundreds and hundreds of interviews — this is a great piece of work. It becomes all-impression — probably for the sake of intimidation. "

Unusual features militia carry out because it is — part of the system. And a large number of policemen in it — just a lot of cogs in the system:

"The police in the first place — it's part of the system that we have established. And every police officer — is a cog in the "vertical". They can not disobey a general concept. What is the order given to such an order and they perform. They — the people are small. Accordingly, the roots of all the problems — on either the "top". In the "top" of those who give the orders. "


The police chase caring people

Harassment by the police protesters solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners — the most vivid example of the struggle against dissent in Mogilev. For nearly two months, the police did not stop the activists to
seek out and send the materials to the court administrative matters to them.

The solidarity action on Jan. 16 in a pedestrian street Lenin took place without police lawlessness. A dozen policemen with no signs of aggression watched her nine participants with posters of prisoners activists. The persecution of those who started later.

Mother of many children Natalia Shkadun One of the first acquaintance with the style of behavior Mogilev police. A district in the middle of the day showed up to the woman in the office. "On his visit to know all the employees of the blood transfusion station where I work," — says Shkadun.

"When he told me that I should interview, well, that I was sitting, and I would just fall off. These things do not need to work. I am convinced of this. When I was discharged summons in the Leninsky district police station, I had to report it to the administration, and even half a day to spend in the district department, to me it was drawn up. "

On the proposal of a policeman to a minor by her mother filed a complaint

Already on making Leninsky court warning Natalia Shkadun per share solidarity police began to pursue her teenage daughter Anna, also a party to the action. One Sunday call from an unknown girl and offered to meet, according to Ms. Shkadun, and 21-hour police station. Such a proposal mother said her daughter complained to the head of the district police. Finally Anna questioned about the campaign, but in the presence of the mother, which, however, is strictly forbidden to interfere in the conversation:

Psychologically, the child was completely exhausted. She went from there mentally crestfallen.

"Psychological child was completely exhausted. She went from there mentally crestfallen. The questions are such that the child is constantly confused. She said something that is not necessary. The child is not acquainted with the rights. Subscribe to the fact that it is familiar, she was offered only after the report was written by the survey. "

Why are the police so hard to hunt protesters solidarity and the difference between this persecution? Meets human rights activist Boris Buhel:

"In order to intimidate people and prevent the holding of other public events. In the first place — on March 25. Police used a new tactic. She was not warned about the illegality of the action. It specifically held up people. If they had been warned that the action illegal, people would have just gone and there would be no reason to punish. "

Of the 9 members of one share punished for 6

Of the nine participants of the six already punished. Natalia Shkadun received a warning, her daughter Anna questioned frontovtsy Sergei Negatin andValentin Lobachyov visited in administrative detention. In Bobruisk prison is another participant in the action — Eugene Vaskovich. He was detained on the day after the action. Maxim Antipovich fined 525 rubles.

Grodno region

"Compare — how many reports compiled annually by the criminals and the opposition …"

Grodno human rights activists and opposition members believe that the current regime uses the Belarusian militia mainly for their own purposes, so that it performs the functions of political persecution of the opposition and at the same time ignoring their immediate constitutional duties — the fight against crime.

Victor Sazonov

Grodno human rights activist Victor Sazonov, which has been repeatedly detained by police during the presidential campaign, parliamentary elections and other political events, said that Belarus police so much that they literally could put near each entrance.

And, on the other hand, he is wondering — why in our country so much crime: murder, theft, robbery, etc.?

Sazonov"According to statistics, in Belarus, as much of the population lives, as one of the most criminogenic U.S. cities — New York, but the murders happening here than in New York. Think fewer murders in the city than in a country which is promoted as a peaceful oasis. "

And he concludes Sazonov: police, which should deal directly with crime prevention, crime detection, it is not engaged in full.

Victor Sazonov said that if I had ever compare the number of reports compiled by police and criminals in the opposition, it would have amounted to a clear majority of reports on dissidents. Human rights activist recalls examples of persecution directly with his life.

Sazonov"My car was stopped when I was driving from Minsk, and were looking for counterfeit money there. Then the second time stopped in Grodno and was taken to the KGB, which confiscated literature. But at that very moment someone goes on the road drunk, the speed, and the policeman involved in political literature. "

Vadim Saranchukou

The head of Hrodna city BPF Vadim Saranchukou lists a number of examples where the opposition were detained when leaving the apartment, was tried for allegedly using foul language, bursting into apartments and offices, doing searches … In his view, the system looks from the outside, though armed and obedient, the inside is not so monolithic.

Saranchukou"Many of my classmates went to work in the bodies, and now, when I meet with them, many say they were going there to fight crime, but an effective system just does not promote it. It is designed as an initiative to bring down a policeman and force to carry out any orders. "


In the region of the police uncovered only 72% of the crimes, but questioned all local participants Square

According to the report ATC Brest Regional Executive Committee, raskryvalnasts crimes in the region at the beginning of March was about 72%. Nevertheless, members of the security agencies over the past two months, was detained and questioned in the 37 members of the opposition.

UCP member of Ivatsevichy Stanislav Kholodovich, a former police captain, said that police have spent a lot of time on him and another participant Square with Ivatsevichy — Vladislav Mikolajczyk. Their efforts Ivatsevichsky police could be allocated to the disclosure of very different cases that have occurred in the region:

"Once in the village Dabromysl Ivatsevichy district, a series of murders of pensioners. He was detained a suspect in this case people. But I think that he was tortured in the chamber. It so happened that he had committed suicide: suffocated with a cloth. In particular, the doctors allegedly found in the throat of the rest of this cloth. I did a lot of years working in the police, too, I know of cases of suicide, but not in a way that people currently rag stuffed in her throat and choked because of this. "

In Brest, police detained on the street, even minors. Sergei Aleksienku, member of the "Young Democrats", was taken to the Leninsky district police station, where he was diagnosed with printed leaflets and police abused teen says Ivan Stasiuk:

"Detained Sergei Aleksienku and two of his friends. Our members were just walking down the street when they were approached police and took with them to the station. There was searched. And there was all without a report. In general, the police behaved rudely, intimidate young people. They took out of the bag leaflets. "

Brest members of opposition parties and movements called for questioning even the employees of the main department for combating organized crime and corruption. Victor Klimus, Julia Pasko and one more representative of the Belarusian Popular Front Party of Brest were interrogated in this management. Victor Klimus says the employee of the Sergei Antoniuc behaved aggressively, sounded a lot of threats:

"He said that I was sent to Minsk, where he put in jail pre-trial detention. After I demanded from the officer to conduct a search. When I asked to file a report, by Serge Antoniuc even made some threats of physical force. "


area, the pursuit of

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