The parable of the butterfly dream

One day came, as usual, the students to listen to their spiritual master Chuang Tzu. It was a great sage, and the famous Chinese philosopher, and every day people came to him to listen to conventional wisdom.

Chuang-tzu in the day looked gloomy and thoughtful, which was unusual for the wise. The disciples were worried and asked:

— Teacher, what to you? Usually you are so happy and cheerful, and now gloomy and thoughtful. Whether there will be a bad thing?

The sage replied slowly:

This night in my dreams I was a butterfly. I dreamed that I — a butterfly fluttering over the meadow flowers, and it was so beautiful!

Chuang Tzu closed his eyes and fell into a vivid memory butterflies flying in a dream. Someone from the students asked:
— But what is the problem? Why are you upset? It seems that this is a very nice and pleasant dream.

The teacher said:

When I dreamed I was a butterfly, I flew and did not realize that I am Chuang Tzu, who has a dream. Here's the thing. In the morning I woke up and the first thing I thought — "I am not a butterfly, and Chuang Tzu." But now I'm sitting in front of you and I can not understand: I Chuang-tzu, who dreamed he seemed butterfly, or maybe I a butterfly who now sleeps and dreams of it Chuang Tzu?

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This parable of the wise man and the butterfly is probably true story, but even if it is pure fiction, such proverbs make us think about who we are: maybe you butterfly, which appears in a dream that she — a person reading these lines?

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