The power of green dollar

In the history of the dollar is really a lot of mysteries. Who benefits from this pyramid of green bucks?

Christ drove the money changers

Masonic mystery lover author of "The Da Vinci Code," Dan Brown has written a new novel. About Masons USA. Encryption of the main will be the very dollar bills. So we are waiting for the "Code Dollar". But the central mystery of Dan Brown certainly does not disclose there. Who actually built a giant pyramid bucks with "seeing eye"? Smart people say that it all started when Jesus drove the merchants from the temple, turned the tables changed, and coins scattered. Moneychangers took interest for services. That is engaged in usury. "No one can serve two masters, God and money …" — says Christ. Mammon — Syriac god of wealth. Usury has long been taboo for Christians. The Muslims, it is still part of the seven deadly sins. Why? Because the power of money in the right hands is powerful any other — and the power of God, and the power of the state.

Battle for power

In the first article of the U.S. Constitution reads: "Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value of foreign coin, and … fix the punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States." Everything seems to be clearly established. For ages! Americans, however, do not change the constitution. However, the bankers tried hard to get their hands on the printing press. Back in 1790, when the U.S. was first discussed by the law on private central bank, the founder of the dynasty of the global banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously said, "Give me the right to issue and control the money of the country, and I will not really care who makes the laws!"

Here is the statement of U.S. President Jefferson's Declaration of Independence: "If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issue (vypusk. — Ed.) Of its currency, first by inflation, then deflation, the banks and corporations … will deprive the people of all property. .. I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies. " In President Jackson opposes the bankers, the killer shot, but missed.
Fought the attempt to privatize the printing press, and Abraham Lincoln. He was shot. Less than six months spent in the White House Garfield. We see someone very frightened his statement: "He who controls the money supply of the country, is a complete master of its industry and commerce … when you realize how easy it is … the whole economic system controlled by a few powerful people, you do not need to explain what is the cause of depression and inflation. " Garfield was shot in the back. Died and President McKinley, wake antitrust investigation against one of the big banks.

Conspiracy Island

Mayer Amschel Rothschild's dream come true through 123 years. In 1910, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean Jekyll secretly arrived "to hunt ducks" solid group of conspirators. They represented the largest international industrial groups: Rockefeller, Morgan — Rothschild, Sachs, Goldman, Kuhn and Loeb. The initiator of the meeting was a German banker Paul Warburg, who comes from a famous family of Oppenheim. Participated in a conspiracy Senator Aldrich, father of John D. Rockefeller. They have developed a secret plan for a private party on the U.S. printing money. To disguise called it the Federal (supposedly state!) Reserve — the Fed. However, then-President Taft was against such private shops. I had to push their man for president — Woodrow Wilson. Senator Aldrich has prepared a bill on the Federal Reserve. It hastily approved December 23, 1913 — just before Christmas, when many senators had left for the holidays. President Wilson was on the same day signed the law. What was later immortalized in the most expensive bill of $ 100,000. Later, Congressman Louis McFadden, bitterly declares that the Federal Reserve "created a super-state, controlled by international bankers and industrialists have come together to enslave the world for their own profit."

The secret of the Fed

So what's the intrigue of this operation conspirators? Each state has its own central bank. One. It belongs to the state or under its control. But in America, the word "federal" in the title Fed — trick. This is a private entity, which consists of 12 private joint-stock banks. Everyone has the right to issue money. And reserves in this state there is no back-up systems. By law, the Fed has independent force and do not require approval of the president or other government agencies. Endorses the decision of the principal shareholders. And their interests do not always coincide with the interests of the state and the people. Shareholders need only profit.
In 1927, the Federal Reserve has taken a strong rebound in the economy, the credit issue. The lion's share of the extra money went into the stock market, which flew up with terrible force. At the stock exchange plays a huge mass of people: the fall of 1929 shares owned about a quarter of American families … The prices for all stocks indiscriminately.
In April 1929, the first head of the Federal Reserve Paul Warburg (the initiator of the plot on the island of Jekyll!-Ed.) Sent a secret letter to the oligarchs with a warning about the inevitability of the coming crisis. U.S. bankers withdraw all their money from the stock market, shifting them into gold. After that, 24 October 1929 stopped to give some financial companies loans with a maturity of more than one day. Paralysis financial system, which was a response to the stock market crash in New York on 28 and 29 October. Huge savings people suddenly turned to dust, and this with a semi-delay occurred collapse of the entire credit pyramid …
But the biggest tycoons of the time (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Kennedy, Baruch, etc.) podnazhilis well — for example, the state of Kennedy from 1929 to 1935 has increased by 25 times.
Exodus of bankers from the Exchange prior to its collapse caused suspicion. Morgan was even invited to a special committee of the U.S. Congress. But he told the tale: that the street sweeper drail Morgan footwear and casually asked about the actions of the railway company. This is where the banker allegedly lit up: even if bootblacks climbed into the stock market, it means that the collapse was very close. This tale in Congress believe.
Some economists, including Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, believed that the Great Depression had a hand in the Fed. From 1929 to 1933 the amount of cash in the U.S. decreased by one third! And who was at the printing press? Fed. When Roosevelt came to power, there was cash. Roosevelt strengthened the position of the Federal Reserve, removing from circulation within the country's main rival paper dollar — gold. All of the following U.S. presidents also helped build a pyramid Fed. Found only one brave, encroached on the monopoly of the bankers. John Kennedy 4 июня 1963rd signed a decree by which the Federal Government for the first time since 1913, received the right to print currency, and not to borrow money from the Federal Reserve for interest. This currency was fully secured silver. It seems that even the new money was printed. But in the fall Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Banknotes were seized. And, although the decree Kennedy lifted, more in the White House do not want to print the state money. As soon as the power buck is threatened in the course is the heavy artillery — a war of terror.

Competitors removed

In 1968, with the rebels, students managed to remove de Gaulle, encroached on the dollar. Still, in 1979 there was the first European currency — ECU. First, it introduced the six Common Market countries, then the number of participants has been increasing. It was necessary to take countermeasures. Many remember how in 1992, the American financier Soros brought down the British pound, earning more than $ 1 billion is clear that he alone is not cranked. A main goal was hit ECU. After the operation he zahirel Soros. England frightened, realizing "hint" at all out of the European Monetary Union. In 1997, had to click on the nose of the "Asian tigers" have imagined about yourself. At the same time and the Japanese yen has got.
In 1999 appeared the euro. NATO had to bomb Yugoslavia. To lower the value of the dollar lower competitor. For a while it worked. And then came on the scene, Saddam Hussein. If you think about the September 11 attack, you'd be wrong. Did not participate. Proved. And in connection with bin Laden, are not replaced. Death warrant signed by Saddam himself, when he decided to switch from dollars to euros in payment for oil. That would be a blow! Because Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. And if other countries follow suit? Revenge of the U.S. was brutal. At the same time tore-planned in 2003, the Islamic gold dinar entry in 23 countries.
But in Iraq and the U.S. bogged down in Afghanistan too. And now China is growing before our eyes. It will not go to war. And other countries talk of strict control over banks, and even a new global currency. China is ready to support him. After all, the Fed is now pumped into the economy trillions of new dollars. So, dollar will depreciate. And with it the capital of China, invested in U.S. government bonds. Dollar era comes to an end?

Who benefits?

And then the question arises: what is still behind the global crisis? International oligarchs let the genie out of the bottle, and the process has become unmanageable? Or was it planned? Not for nothing is the main culprit of the crisis is not called Bush and Clinton, and former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. Last year he was even invited to a special commission investigating the causes of the crisis. Greenspan usually confident there spread his hands helplessly. Say, did not anticipate trouble, such a collapse happens once in a hundred years. Something like this is the story of Morgan and bootblack.
Interesting article the former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson in The Financial Times. He agrees that we need reform of financial regulation, including the United States. And even do not have to come up with! Everyone already thought out! A year ago, Paulson himself was involved in the development. It takes three departments. One will monitor the stability of the financial sector in general, and the other will assess the reliability of individual companies, and the third — the protection of consumers' rights. The first body may make the Fed, said Paulson. Can you imagine? They already have everything planned. First, in the United States. And when all is even worse, can also globally Fed approved. That's when the Fed itself will tell. And Yuan kiss on the nail, the yen and the euro, and gold dinar with the Russian ruble. Maybe that's what this was a secret account?
Wait and see. While in the hands of the Fed's printing press, the bankers will try to look at the world at his feet from a height of one of the pyramid on the dollar. And the monopoly of its not so easy to succumb. But I hope that this time, their secret plans to pluck.

Where spinning presses

Prior to 1991, all the notes were printed in Washington. What does the inscription "Washington, D. C." on the front. But the power was not enough. In April 1991 the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has launched a second factory in Fort Worth, Texas. The notes you are easily identified by the sign "FW" before the test letter at the right edge. Factories employ about 2,800 people. Daily produces about 35 million banknotes of various denominations, totaling approximately $ 635 million cost of making one bill — about 5.7 cents. Machines stop only once a year — at Christmas!

Who is more valuable to bankers

Clear who prints bucks the piper portraits on them. Let's see how the hosts official estimate secret rulers of the United States.
$ 100,000 (the most expensive bill for the richest!) — President Woodrow Wilson. Helped turn the scam with the Fed!
$ 10,000 — U.S. Treasury Secretary S. Chase. Scout camp bankers in Lincoln.
$ 100 (the most popular bill!) — B. Franklin. "Daddy" American Freemasons.
$ 5 — President Abraham Lincoln.
$ 2 (irregular release!) President Thomas Jefferson.
$ 1 — the first U.S. President George Washington. But it is the massive bill, full of Masonic symbols.

Paymaster USA

Well-known expression: "When America coughs, shakes the world." But the cough should not even the president, and chairman of the Federal Reserve System! Presidents come to the White House for 4, with a maximum of 8 years. And the head of the Fed can legally sit in the chair all 14. And even more. What are these people?
Paul Volcker (1979-1987). 82 years. He was the personal adviser David Rockefeller, then vice-president of Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller and Warburg). Left the civil service. On the recommendation of this modest Deputy Finance President Nixon in 1971 announced that the U.S. will no longer exchange dollars for gold. And the Fed was able to print any number of unsecured by anything except the authority of U.S. dollars. As head of the Federal Reserve three times lower inflation. But unemployment has increased. Which was one of the reasons why Carter chose a second term. Walker now headed by the Advisory Council on the economy under Obama.
Alan Greenspan (1987-2006). 83 years. Was a member of the board of directors of the bank and the Rockefeller Mobil J. R. Morgan. Led the Fed for nearly 20 years! They called him the most brilliant financier planet central banker of the world, the new Delphic oracle. Today, Greenspan comes first in the list of 25 main culprits of the global crisis. Its policy of low interest rates and a lack of control over mortgage lending led to the formation of a "bubble" in the housing market, which began to collapse. Another charge — Greenspan advocated the development of derivatives. With him, they increased from 100 to 500 trillion. Pensioner.
Ben Shalom Bernanke. Led the Fed in 2006, 55 years. Born in an orthodox Jewish family. Unlike his predecessors in the companies of the world oligarchy did not work. At Harvard, joined the Masonic society "Phi Beta Kappa." Since 1987, banks began running the Fed. Six months headed the Council of Economic Experts at W. Bush. Nickname — Helicopter Ben. Once said publicly that sometimes, in a crisis, it is necessary to scatter money from a helicopter, that is, to include the full power of the printing press.

Author: E.Chernyh
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Mystery stories" № 12 2012

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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