The process of the investigation of the Prosecutor General's Office Baykova

March 10, the Supreme Court began the trial of the senior investigating for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office, Svetlana Baykova.

She is accused of committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 393 (involving an accused obviously innocent) hh. 1, 2 tbsp. 394 (coercion to testify), hh. 1, 2 tbsp. 397 (knowingly unlawful arrest or detention), Part 3. 424 (abuse of power or of a position of authority), Part 3. 426 (abuse of power or authority) of the Criminal Code.

Together with Baykova He is accused of a Karen Vardanyan. According to BelaPAN, before he was repeatedly judged. Vartanian is accused of committing an offense under Part 1 of Art. 154 of the Criminal Code (torture).

The process takes place behind closed doors. As previously reported in the Supreme Court to decide on the guilt or innocence of an alleged Baykova her crimes in court will be studied a number of circumstances, including the information obtained in the course of various search operations. Under the law, such information relates to state secrets.

Baykova taken to the Supreme Court in a minibus in custody about an hour before the start of the court hearing. According to unofficial information, the presiding at the trial — Ruslan Aniskevich.

Baykova was arrested by the KGB February 25, 2010 on suspicion of abuse of power. Proceedings against her were filed KGB February 24 on the grounds of the crimes referred to in Articles 399 (illegal exemption from criminal liability) and 426 (abuse of power or authority) of the Criminal Code.

In early February, it was reported that a lawyer Michael Volcheck, who was the protector of Svetlana Baykova not be able to help her at the trial. He no longer works, the license passed to the Ministry of Justice, and identity — in Minsk regional bar association. Question BelaPAN, he left work voluntarily lawyer, or he was forced to do it, former Prosecutor General's investigative defender left unanswered.

Early this year against Mikhail Volchak Attorney General's Office was filed under Part 1 of Art. 407 of the Criminal Code (Provision of Information inquiry, preliminary investigation or a court session held).

The names of the current Baykova lawyer and public prosecutor are not called.


Volchek Baykova, Vartanian

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