The railroad SOUTH learn a new special equipment

Modern self-propelled floating pile driver 2×500 CPM master cadets training center rail of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), entered service in the framework of the state defense order for this year.
 Now, thanks to a new special equipment made possible score to 2 piles at the same time under the bridge supports with surface water of up to 600 kg, the maximum length of up to 8 m and a few hours of the CPM is able to provide a ferry troops and equipment through the water barrier width up to 30 m

Due to the high permeability testing machine can work on relief and swampy terrain sloped to 30 °, to overcome the trenches of up to 3 m

During the training the armed forces study tactical and technical characteristics as well as master the skills of driving machinery over rough terrain and natural bodies of water. Upon completion of training at the tactical and special military exercises will build self-reliance under the bridge across the river. Karpivka in the Volgograd region.

Also at the training center for junior professionals SOUTH railway troops stationed in the Volgograd region, are trained squad for the assembly and installation of steel structures of bridges, crossing equipment, carpentry and bridge engineering and demining works drivers collapsible jib cranes.

To prepare the students used more than 40 military vehicles and special equipment.

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