The rapidly growing number of victims of Talas

Victims of typhoon "Talas" in Japan were 15 people, more than 100 injured.
As a result of Typhoon Talas in Japan, killing 15 people, more than 100 people were injured. RBC reports.
Element befell Japan on Saturday, September 3, in particular, on the island of Shikoku, as well as on the island of Honshu. According to the latest data, the activity of the elements killed 15 people, more than 40 missing. More than 100 people were injured. Most victims were registered in the Japanese prefecture of Nara and Wakayama. Due to heavy rains in these regions have landslides and rivers burst their banks. In addition, the action of Talas typhoon hit coastal areas in Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku. More than 60,000 houses have been de-energized. Due to bad weather any disruptions in transportation.
According to the Meteorological Service of Japan, now the typhoon moves north over the Sea of Japan at a speed of 20 km / h Because of the speed of light elements in Japan will continue heavy rains. This could lead to a new powerful mudslides and landslides. The authorities have ordered the evacuation or sent recommendations to the evacuation of about 450,000 people in the central and western parts of the country.
According to forecasters, the next few days Talas comes to the Russian Far East.
According EMERCOM Russia's Khabarovsk region, very heavy rainfall is expected on September 5 in the southern half of the Khabarovsk Territory Bikin, Vyazma, Sovetskaya Gavan and areas near it. Lazo. Tuesday, September 6, a similar worsening weather expected in northern areas of the province. In particular, in the Nicholas and Ulchi possible strong areas, sometimes very heavy rains, the river valleys strong winds of up to 15-20m / s, on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk to 20-25 m / s. Therefore MOE warns of the possibility of accidents caused by dysfunction of the power supply facilities, flooding low terrain.
EMERCOM Russia's Khabarovsk region ADVISED heads of municipalities of the areas. Residents of the province department urges not to travel on private vehicles and not to leave the settlements, the owners of small vessels refrain these days from going out to sea.

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