The representative of the Ministry of Justice explained the rules of arithmetic BHC

Today, the Supreme Court started hearing the complaints of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Ministry of Justice. Human rights activists appealed against a written warning from the Ministry of Justice on January 12. It appeared after, BHC addressed the UN special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers notified about the pressure on lawyers defending the defendants in the case of the events on December 19 in Minsk.

In court, the two representatives of the Ministry of Justice tried to prove that the alleged human rights activists filed a UN biased, inaccurate, incomplete information aimed at discrediting the law enforcement and judicial authorities. For example, a representative of the Ministry of Alexander Kharitonov insisted that the BHC has violated the law on information, as in a letter to the UN placed allegedly unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. Like, there is an information filed in a biased and, by the way, do not give the names of more than 700 people who were detained as a result of the events of December 19.

"It is noted that, quote," 10-20 thousand people protested against the current president and fraud in the presidential election. " In the text of the statement in English figures are set out as follows: 10-20, comma, three zero. Under the rules of arithmetic must be connected digits "20, comma, three zeros" to read as much as 20 thousandths of zero. Thus, the connection is completely digits with a hyphen should be read as "10, hyphen, 20 point zero thousandths of a man." In other words, words, according to this quote, from 10 to 20 people participated in the protest rally. In this context, the question naturally arises: if such a small number of participants could take action where more than 700 detainees? "

According to the representative of the Ministry of Justice, the BHC violates the statute if, for example, uses a partial name or an old stamp on one of the envelopes where there is no letter "n." Also, according to the official, to appeal to international bodies are citizens, not legal entities.

The second representative of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Zelenevskaya, focused on the issue of deprivation of counsel licenses. He said that, well, there is no reason to say that the Justice Ministry is putting pressure on lawyers and interfere with their professional activities or undermines the independence of the legal profession.

In his speech to the court, the representative of BHC Harry Pahanyaila told the court that the defendant had "turned the gist of what happened." He also spoke about the pressure on lawyers and the violation of the principle of independence.

"In our report setting out the documents, which are also hung on the Ministry of Justice website. We have paid attention primarily to the fact that many attorneys are not allowed to receive visits with their clients to develop their position and the prerequisite that lawyers consider it necessary to discuss with his client in private. That's about the violations of this part of the Ministry of Justice does not say anywhere. "

Such treatment — it is a normal practice of the relationship between NGOs and the UN Special Rapporteur.

In court, attended by representatives of the human rights center "Viasna", which had not previously made by the Ministry of Justice for registration through the Supreme Court. Chairman of the "Spring" Ales Bialiatski Justice Ministry officials said chicanery that do not perform the rules which require non-governmental organizations. Bialiatski notes that the way the Ministry of Justice responds to an appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur — is an attempt to "gagging non-governmental organizations."

"In the world it is difficult to remember such cases, since such treatment — this is the normal practice of the relationship between NGOs and the UN Special Rapporteur and all other UN agencies. We saw this as an obstacle and limiting the rights of Belarusian citizens, non-governmental organizations to provide objective information they consider necessary, on the procedures of the UN. This situation is closely monitored by special speaker. If the appeal is rejected and a warning will remain, this is another negative assessment of the position of the Belarusian government. "

This is the first warning that the BHC has received during the year. The following may result in termination of the association.


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