The road from the border with Ugorsk Yamal commissioned

The company "Khanty-Mansiyskdorstroy" on the eve completed the construction of the road Ugorsk — Soviet — Top Kazim — Nadim to the border with Yamal.

The total length of the four sections of the road starter was more than 65 km.

Construction of the road third category was conducted by four building departments that make up the "Khanty-Mansiyskdorstroya," told in the company. The company began work in December 2010. For almost three years, was laid over 604 thousand square meters of pavement, built five bridges stretching for 205 meters, manufactured and packed 208,000 tons of asphalt mix, made more than seven million cubic meters of earthworks, built nearly 70,000 meters of barrier protection.The cost of construction of 65 kilometers of road was more than 6 billion rubles. 

On request of the customer for the construction of a small section of the path length of two kilometers was used a new type of stone mastic asphalt, the main innovation is that — in an improved format. Due to this increased technical characteristics of the roadway

The main purpose of the new road — to provide year-round transportation of Yugra and Yamal, as well as the transport link remote areas of the county — Beloyarsk and October. So far, the cities and towns located here can only be reached by water transport or on the winter road, as there were no paved roads. The road also allows you to carry around the clock operation and maintenance of gas pipelines 17 threads southern and northern corridors. The new road Ugorsk — Soviet — Top Kazim — Nadim significantly relieve highway Tyumen — Salehard on which today extends to 13,000 vehicles per day, the highway Ugorsk — Nadim will take about five thousand cars and trucks.

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