The secrets of success for each day of the week

Vedic astrology, talking about the quality and influence of the planets, thus shares with us the secrets of success, giving us the appropriate keys to success on any given day of the week. With this knowledge, we can, in fact, plan your success and being in harmony with the forces that we are influenced by, catch good luck every day!

According to Vedic astrology, the creator of the universe created the stars and planets for the distribution of cosmic energy and control over what is happening. Planets give us certain kinds of energy and have an impact on countries, cities and individuals. Given the influence of the planets and correctly using it on any given day of the week, we can come into harmony with cosmic rhythms, in what is the secret of the astrological success, health and well-being.

Astrology Week does not begin on a Monday, as commonly believed, but from Sunday. On this day week cycle begins accumulating energy for the whole week and are big plans for the near future. Week ends on Saturday, when the results are analyzed and error.

Each weekday controlled specific planet, Therefore, using its influence, we can increase the probability of success many times over.

Here are the seven secrets of success of Vedic astrology — for each day of the week:


Sunday — the day, sun, which sends us the energy of joy, love, creativity and happiness. Very suitable for the spiritual development and awareness of higher values. Visit the church, go to a museum or art gallery, visit the countryside — and your solar energy will increase significantly, this is the secret of success on Sunday. In this day possible insights, original solutions to old problems, so be open to new. Give the people warm, say good words, promise the moon — the sun's energy through you people, and you will bring tangible results that you feel as soon as next week.


Monday unjustly considered the most difficult day of the week. Difficulties arise if the wrong to use the energy of the moon, the patron saint of the day. Moon sends us relaxation, peace, moodiness and unpredictability. On Monday, the well-to solve everyday problems, make purchases, communicate with family members.

Should not be criticized, cheat and demand. People in this day are particularly susceptible. If you want to do or achieve something from the ruler, you can help emotional conversations or even tears on Monday can soften even the most hardened cynic. The secret of success on Monday — Stream live energy of the moon, and give people the care, attention and compassion, a sympathetic compassion for yourself — and you can achieve success with on Monday.


Tuesday is managed by Mars encourages us to rash acts, the search for thrills and adventure, harsh words and aggression. To be successful in this day can be, if you act spontaneously by the first impulse, if turn their ideas as soon as they arise, for Mars — a planet of speed, instincts and desires. Very well in this day of the week to show courage and determination, even if you are not inherent. Important just to show them around, and they will appreciate it at its true worth.

Better to use a rational approach men, both men and women, and to forget about the emotions — this is the secret of success on Tuesday. But it is very important to ensure that the drive does not become aggressive, to try to smooth out any conflicts.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, full of light energy, fast, funny and witty. In this day of the week is fine to say, study, written and sold. Success brings matters related to business, finance and trade. Successful business negotiations, gambling problems are solved very easily. On this day, more than communicate, learn, develop — this is the secret of success on Wednesday. You can even cheat, but do not forget that you can also deceive. It is not necessary to demonstrate their systems and the problems in the environment, they are particularly conspicuous and can produce undesirable impression of you.


Thursday, according to astrologers — the best day of the week, thanks to the patronage of Jupiter. This is the planet of society, collective cooperation. On this day, it is easy to succeed in business matters, negotiations, transactions. You can refer to the manual with requests, but they must be linked to the interests of the collective. It is important to show that you are thinking about the common good, to demonstrate professionalism, efficiency and competence — is the secret to success on Thursday. It must be remembered that the problems on Thursday, have a tendency to grow, so try not to interfere, to stop the possible arguments in the beginning, quietly doing his job. The benevolence of Jupiter on this day of the week is sure to bring you success.


Friday — a great day for relaxation and entertainment, displays of affection and charity. After Friday's patron Venus awakens the desire for beauty, for harmony and understanding. Pay more attention to women, to this day, they are particularly trusting and if I feel your concern, then you will appreciate highly. The secret of success on Friday: decorate the world around them — creativity, kind words, courteous and polite behavior. Sing, draw, dance, and give your favorite flowers, express their thoughts beautifully, and Venus is always support and reward you good luck on this day of the week.


Saturday — that is perhaps the most difficult of all the days of the week. And all because of the rigid and restrictive energy of Saturn — the ruler of the day. Saturn represents duty, destiny, karma. He is very critical and conservative.

Therefore it is better to restrict Saturday desires and needs less talk about their experiences and problems. This is not the best day for business, because increases the likelihood of conflict and loss. The exception is the acquisition of land and real estate, which is under the auspices of Saturn.

Need to sort through the events of the last week, it is good to prepare for the new week cycle, to visit nature, meditate, clear your mind and be free from the burden of problems — that is the secret of success Saturday. Saturn welcomes the acquisition of wisdom, therefore communication with senior bring huge benefits on Saturday. Do not strain the surrounding people, and so tend to feel depressed that day.

Control what you say, because Saturn will make you answer for his words. In this day of the week do not be fooled, it is better to show everyone his honesty — and your credibility will increase substantially in the eyes of others.

On Saturday, good shopping — Saturn will not spend too much. It is not necessary to plan a major event — an important trip or a wedding, it would be contrary to the cosmic rhythms. Ask forgiveness from those you have wronged, reassurance someone say and do something good — and Saturn will show its location and will succeed in this day of the week.

However complex it may seem a prevailing situation in life, do not despair. The one who drops his hands, losing the blessing of the planets. Wisely using the energy of the Cosmos, evolving in an effort to learn the laws of the universe, we enter into harmony with cosmic rhythms — this is the secret of success for every day of our lives.

For more information, studying Vedic astrology.

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