The separatists against separatists

The separatists against separatists

In the Balkans once again smell of gunpowder — an attempt by the Kosovo authorities on July 26 to take control of two customs Fri populated by Serbs north of the province completed a mess. Kosovo special forces special operation "Rosa" was headed by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. This self-will, which upset the status quo in the region, angered the EU and the U.S.. To resolve the situation, NATO forces intervened — KFOR — and took control of customs posts on Kosovo's border with Serbia.

Belated embargo

"It was an attempt to exert pressure on Belgrade, that he recognized Kosovo's customs stamps. The recognition of their would mean that Serbia recognizes Kosovo "- explains Stealther maneuver Thaci publicist Belgrade magazine" New Serbian Political Thought "Mladen Dyordevich. Shares "Rosy" was preceded by the introduction of Pristina on July 20, without the consent of the EU embargo on products from Serbia. (Belgrade forbade the import of products from the separatist province earlier — since the self-proclamation of Kosovo's independence in February 2008). But the inhabitants of Serb enclaves in northern Kosovo, who do not recognize the authority of Pristina, and were not going to stop a pass to them under the control of PPC products from Serbia.

The last field commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and now Prime Minister Hashim Thaci greatly troubled by this and gave orders to the soldiers to capture these two customs pt. Director of the Kosovo Police Reşat Malitch refused to make an order Thaci weird because he personally led the operation. Division "Rosy" took checkpoint "Brnyak." This was immediately found out the local population, and hundreds of Kosovo Serbs blocked the road leading to the second checkpoint, "Yasmin" (then it was burned).

In the enclave immediately return the Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic and head of the Serbian delegation at the talks with Pristina Borko Stefanovic. Negotiations began between the Serbs, KFOR and the Kosovars against the Serbian population to mobilize enclaves and shootings. KFOR units wedged between the warring parties, under fire because Kosovo Albanians were the Portuguese soldiers.

On the second day of Kosovo special forces left the enclave. His place, but, instead of Serb police forces occupied the KFOR, who decide which products pass from Serbia to Kosovo Serbs and which are not, coordinating actions with Pristina. The soldiers carefully inspect each machine from Serbia, and often they do not miss. Kosovo Serbs resent it — will sing rebellion.

"This special operation — part of the plan of Pristina, providing up to the end of negotiations on the settlement status of the province north of Kosovo to join the others. Pristina had control of the northern Serbian region nor to NATO aggression in 1999, nor at the moment. Because it is through KFOR has established complete control over the entire territory of the region ", — says Dyordevich.

Either Europe or Kosovo

Belgrade has reacted to the provocation quiet, only appealed to NATO and the EU. They say, look, that those offenders are led by Thaci do: break the status quo in the region, beating the Serbs, and you keep quiet. Serbian President Boris Tadic urged Kosovo Serbs to remain calm. Although it added fuel to the fire of Pristina accused Belgrade, the West realized that in this situation, the truth is on the side of the Serbs. Reaction to special operation Thaci was negative. "The United States regrets that the acts of the Government of Kosovo had not been agreed with the international community" — said the American State Department. Not approved the deal and the European Union.

Usually Serbs complained that the West blames them for all the wrongs of the world. NATO, the EU and the U.S. are often staged in Belgrade as a meek, but still the former aggressor, and to the Kosovars and other representatives of the former Yugoslavia — as victims. But the Serbs did all issued their own war criminals of the Yugoslav wars of the period, despite the fact that houses a significant portion of the population considers them heroes. All this to be integrated into the EU, correct style, do not be in isolation. Until the end of the year in the country there was a prospect to become a candidate for EU membership. Because instability of Kosovo in Belgrade is not needed and Pristina decided to use it.

"All the countries that have recognized Kosovo, support the actions of the authorities of breakaway as legitimate tests to take control of the area around the province. West disappointed sharpness, arbitrariness and the willingness of Kosovo authorities to violence. In general, the EU criticized the behavior style of Kosovo Albanians, but not their purpose. And even then, that we at the moment they say that accession to the EU do not have to Belgrade to recognize Kosovo, it is wickedness of the West, particularly since it is expected of us. The current Serbian government in 2008, came to power under the slogan "Both Europe and Kosovo" And now it is clear that the West poses the question differently: "Europe or Kosovo." In Belgrade schizophrenic situation — to cooperate with Western countries that have recognized and support Kosovo, and right front edge of the forthcoming approval. forthcoming cooperation with the West will testify that Belgrade agreed to the draft EU and the U.S. under the title "independent Kosovo"- Explains the Serbian publicist Dyordevich.

The "black hole" of Europe

According to the professionals, there is no industry in Kosovo, and the unemployment rate achieves 45%. "There continue to grow the level of crime and drug trafficking. Organized crime is tightly interwoven with the power of the region. In December of 2010, a report of the Council of Europe Committee for Human Rights, according to which the Prime Minister Hashim Thaci engaged in trade of human organs and drugs during the war. The creator of the report — the Swiss Dick Marty. He blames former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army in connections with organized crime and states that their criminal activity lasts. The political situation in the region is also not measured. There do not get any foreign investment. Kosovo has a cramped case with Albania, but Albania — one of the poorest countries in Europe, "- says Dyordevich.

"Now, in the north of Kosovo is quiet, but the spirit lives on emotion. The main bridge separating the Albanian part of the Serbian province are open. This excites the Serbs. We are going to constantly bridge group. The stores do not have enough food in clinics — pharmaceuticals. Bread and milk disappear from the shelves immediately, as there are. Newspapers brought in other ways. People are afraid, as before the war in 1999. In the towns of Zvecan and Leposavic build barricades in the streets. The administrative boundaries of "Brnyaku" and "Yasmin" completely cut off ", — says with Kosovska Mitrovica journalist Biljana Radomovich. According to her colleagues in the Serbian newspaper "News" Snezana Rochanin, at this point in the region is relatively quiet, although at times erupting clashes and skirmishes. "The Serbian authorities try to respond faster as possible, so as not to harm the negotiations with the EU. But we explain to European employees that is necessary to protect the rights of fellow citizens in Kosovo, "- says the journalist.

But in Pristina hap
py fruits of operation: although not the Albanians are kept under the control of the boundary Serbian enclave, but not the Serbs. "During the operation, one died on the Kosovo Special Forces soldier who was killed Serbian sniper. Thaci aimed to regain control over all of Kosovo's territory and restore order there. At the moment the situation is measured, although the voltage is maintained. The region is one hundred percent of the troops under the supervision of KFOR. This is fine, so the Serbs did not dare to their poruha. This action will push the Serbs to frisky dialogue and the recognition of Kosovo ", — explained the position of editor in chief of the Kosovo one of the largest of the newspapers" Zera "Astrit Gashi.

Kosovo has been recognized 76 of the 193 UN member states.
Serbs make up 10% of the province's population.
Force KFOR (6 million people) operate under the command of NATO in the region since the summer of 1999 in accordance with UN Security Council resolution.
International military forces entered Kosovo after 78 days of NATO bombing of Serbia

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