The sky above the northern lights color the Archangel

Residents and visitors of Arkhangelsk last night to watch one of the most beautiful natural phenomena — the Northern Lights. The sky over the city lit up with glowing light strips, patches and curtains.

Polar Lights (it is North) — one of the most beautiful phenomena of light in nature, so it attracted the attention of a person throughout his history. Mention of auroras can be found in the writings of Aristotle, Pliny, Seneca and other ancient philosophers. The study of the aurora put great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, suggested that the reason for this phenomenon are electrical discharges in rarefied air.

The Russian North aurora called pazoryami or outbursts. The first of these words points to the similarity of the phenomenon with dawns, and the second comes from the word "poloshit" that is, to disturb, to disturb, to raise the alarm. Indeed, during the auroral sky may be red, like a fire. There are cases when the aurora red mistaken for the glow of fire and firefighters went to a huge glow in the northern part of the horizon, the website

According to Wikipedia, auroras are caused by bombardment of the upper atmosphere by charged particles moving to the land along the geomagnetic field lines of the adjacent space, called plasma layer. Projection plasma layer along the geomagnetic field lines on the Earth's atmosphere is in the form of rings surrounding the north and south magnetic poles (auroral oval).

Auroras occur primarily in high latitudes of both hemispheres in the oval-zone areas surrounding the magnetic poles of the Earth — the auroral ovals. In spring and autumn, they appear much more frequently than in the winter and summer.

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