The soul of the universe

Today, many authors try to explain the structure of the universe and the place and role of man in the universe, promote non-traditional methods of treatment, refer to the esoteric. Esoteric — another new concept, firmly became part of our language. But what does it mean?

Architecture of great faith

Someone very aptly compared religion with buildings of different architectural styles. And indeed: the Orthodox temple, church, mosque look different from each other, but the main part of these structures are similar. Each of God's house, despite the different religions, have a foundation and a roof truss structures. Also own religion: they hit us the difference of the gods, rituals, holy books, shrines and temples. But they have a common foundation — esoteric, similar supporting structure — the basic laws of beliefs. Even common roof — magic rituals, spiritual practices, methods of healing.
While the view slides only for "facade" of different religions, it seems that this is impossible.

Indeed, the gods are different, and rituals, and sacred texts. The fact that in one teaching is recognized virtue, another is a grave sin. For the Orthodox, Mother cow — this delicious dairy products and meat, and to a Hindu — a sacred animal slaughter is greater sin than killing people. In a mosque and a synagogue forbidden to enter with her head uncovered, in the Orthodox Church, on the contrary, men are required to remove hats, caps and hats. For a Muslim to drink wine — a sin, and Christians partake them in the church.

And there are thousands of examples. For all these rules and many do not like each other rites hard to see something in common, unifying religion Earth. However, there is a common origin, and it is hidden in outlook — a look at the supernatural, otherworldly. These views are in every teaching and are an important part.

If you remove from each religion that sets it apart from the others, remains the essence, "core", is almost the same in all religions. This essence says that the universe are more complicated than it seems at first glance: in addition to the outside world, familiar to all, there is another, invisible world, which affects the world around them. And people should take this into account by matching their behavior with certain regularities. It is this knowledge that came from people who later became known as prophets, messiahs, avatars, teachers, and be the cause of all the world's religions.

It is important to stress that the founders of all religions speak only of what has been a reality for them, the result of their own experience. They had no faith that what they talked about, and direct knowledge of this … In the same way a sighted person knows of the existence of the sun, because he sees it as a blind man can only believe in its existence with the words sighted.
And all the followers of different religions could and can only believe in what was said to them prophets and modern preachers say. There is no way — only to believe and worship, prayers and rituals strengthen their faith in God (or gods). We all know that this way is very difficult — it is one thing to know exactly, the other — to hope that religion is telling the truth, teach the truth, shows the way, which is to enter. And not just to join, 'NO and spend life to go this way and find out what awaits man at the end.

For many, the reason why the path of the believer extraordinarily difficult. Yet in the past and present were and are always people who want to gain knowledge of the truth first hand. That is why they have developed different methods of work on oneself, which allowed them to rise to the level of their teachers and themselves through what the prophets did the prophets.
People are successful in uncovering the hidden secrets of life, did not advertise their achievements for two reasons. First, to "digest" the display knowledge, it was necessary to have a certain level of training, that is, to go all the way, which defeated the Master. Normal people do not understand or that he dictated from above, or understand only part of the truth and thus distort it.

Secondly, as it turned out, traveling to other worlds are not safe. Can refer to them again, only qualified person who knows the laws by which they live, these worlds. Not surprisingly, the methods of cultivation passed and passed from teacher to student, without departing from the mystery schools.
What main conclusions can be drawn from the above? Every religion since its inception developed in two directions.

First — do not hide anything, mass doctrine based on faith and subject to certain requirements. Everyone can see, hear, and understand the doctrine without any restrictions. The second area — the secret and few. It is called the esoteric (from the Greek "ezos" — inner, hidden). Esoteric goal — to change themselves so as to achieve the ideal, drawn founders of their teaching. Along the way they discover the deepest truths of the universe, and they are not getting from the books, and through their own experiences, spiritual insight. Experiences that get people's inner circle, varies them and outlook on life, so much so that by the continued existence — with a billion — is no return.

In search of pure truth

General outlook and goals have led to impossible for the "outside" of religions: 7-10 thousand years of existence between various esoteric schools never had a serious disagreement! And this at a time when the official church for centuries experienced a severe crisis and divisions that led to the beginning of the so-called religious wars. Some of the esoteric (or, as they are called, mystical) schools still continue to exist in Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. There is in the esoteric mysticism, which operated independently, outside the known religions — Empedocles, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme, George Gurdjieff, Osho Rajneesh, Carlos Castaneda.

Because of the secrecy shrouding the esoteric, many charlatans who call themselves mystics, it is often confused with the occult and black magic. However, in reality it has nothing to do with witchcraft and calling spirits. Deal more confused, for the reason that the majority of ordinary people sometimes can not figure out who esoteric, who is a magician, and who is also one third. But third, there really is. They are representatives mezoteriki, teaching middle lying between ordinary knowledge (exotery) and esoteric.

Today, many first hand understand what psychic strong and weak. The same goes for psychics, healers, hypnologist and other people with abnormal abilities. Many of them are open only part of the knowledge held by the mystics. Naturally, the person who sees only part of the truth, adds her own thoughts, in accordance with what this truth as a whole appears to him. The most well-known representatives mezoteriki considered Blavatsky (founder of Theosophy), R. Steiner (founder of anthroposophy), and NK Roerich (creators of Agni Yoga), Russian religious philosopher D. Andreev. Although the issue of such a classification is controversial and far from simple.
So the truth is not only maintained by members of the inner circle. It actively confusing, deliberately distort sorcerers, occultists and unwittingly — mezoteriki. Well, what is the opinion of mystics, in fact is the truth?

A return to the divine source

Since ancient esoteric about equally describe the picture of the universal order, his life and development. The universe is multi-dimensional: in addition to the physical world, there are many others, does not like him. Above all, they differ in the degree of density of matter (or energy), which are composed. Among them, there are more dense, and there are more subtle worlds (or, as they are called, plans). The densest material is our plan, the most subtle — the upper world, or the divine plan.

Supreme, divine plan filled only consciousness that mystics call the Divine Consciousness of the Universe. It is the soul of the universe, and many worlds — his body. Life is like a human universal consciousness — it also has its cycles of birth, development and death. Initially, the creation of the worlds are, then they live and develop in the course of billions of years. At the end of his life measured out the worlds disappear, "die." Some time in the Universe there is nothing left except the Divine Consciousness. But the night and it is always followed by the dawn: a new creation of new worlds, new universe, not like before it existed.

Why Divine Consciousness creates worlds? If you really do not know why there are people in such a profound question to answer is extremely difficult. One can only imagine: for example, in this way the Divine Consciousness knows itself and self-improving. It is looking in a thousand worlds, if a thousand mirrors — see themselves through the eyes of myriads of living creatures, countless minds thinking of himself.

We will not go into this puzzling question, let's talk about what is more or less clear — about the creation of the universe, in the Encyclopedia "Religions of the World," we read: "The process works as follows. Some of the Divine Consciousness is sealed so that the after-image of all the worlds up to the material. Consciousness other part is dissipated in the created universe for the subsequent formation of individual souls. greater part of the Divine Consciousness remains the same and being in the highest spatial dimension.

After the creation of the universe begins the process of evolution of consciousness. Esotericism noticed that the universe is like a "field for growing consciousness." It looks as follows. On planets like our Earth, scattered energy of the Divine Consciousness is deposited in the form of clusters in the rocks and minerals, forming … seeds of future souls … "
Millions of years pass, and the rocks are destroyed. But their tiny souls do not die with them, they are embodied in the plants that live and wither with them, repeated thousands or millions of cycles of rebirth, is not exhausted all the possibilities ™ development, provided the vegetable kingdom. Then they go into the soul of animals, gradually moving from primitive organisms to more complex. Thus the soul finally "get" to the man and becomes what we used to call the soul.

In order to "get out into the world", she needs to overcome a barrier — to achieve a certain level of development.
Do you think this is the end? No, just the beginning of the next big steps. The purpose of the evolution of the soul is to merge it with the Divine Consciousness, return to its source, but not as a rudiment of consciousness, and as a perfect consciousness of this Divine.

In order to reach such a level, the soul has to go through a lot of lives, do a tremendous job. This is hidden from us the meaning of all these incarnations (reincarnation).
Esotericism hold that the soul develops its quality in a certain sequence. Sometimes on the development of one of them may take a lifetime, or even several. At first, the soul is the only student and performer — at this stage, it is learning to live in the material world. It's for her — the only reality. All that is beyond the physical plane, is abstract and is questionable for a young soul. Time passes, and she grows up, learns to love and be compassionate, good from evil, to act on their own, etc.

And at some point a person begins to feel that, apart from the material, there are other plans for the Universe. Religious truths to him becoming more real and important. Finally, a period of maturity of the soul when a person is committed to the conscious self.
To fulfill its mission, the eternal wanderer — the soul — is walking into eternity, forever parted with the usual world. Whether it retains its individuality becomes a faceless drop in the infinite ocean of the Divine Consciousness, or a member of the giant collective mind — is not nobody knows …

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 16 2012

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