The true message of Jesus Christ of Gods Kingdom

Quotes of Jesus Christ, you will hear in this clip, taken from the book "The Lost Pages of the Gospel" (see Gospel of Dionysius), and these words, full of divine wisdom, may open our eyes to the true teaching that Jesus Christ preached the Kingdom of God , and which is now forgotten and erased in contemporary religion.

Deep wisdom of the true teachings of Christ cleanses our hearts and minds, eliminating the ignorance, lies and delusions. This teaching will turn all of your ideas about God, religion and religious rituals taken now.

Due to the true teachings of Jesus, everyone can go back to the kingdom of God without intermediaries, mired in illusions and sins, and thirst of money and recognition.

The only question is, how clean are your thoughts, are you ready to listen to the heart of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and you will be able to take it.

Jesus calls blindly believe his theory, he offers to check on her, to experience and to know that during the life of God and return to see the kingdom of God — the only way to verify the truth of his teachings.

Several important points listed below, the rest — in the video.

On Prayer Christ says: "What you have to beg for God? Or do you think God makes mistakes, sending you what you have, and you want to teach him as he has to correct the mistake? In this case, your God is not wise, then why call him God, why do you believe in him, why would he pray? You do not know what we worship, and little of the true faith in you. "

In his teaching about God Jesus warns against seeking His descriptions, statues and temples made with hands, because then you will not serve the Creator and the creature (creation). God is not in need of anything, including He does not need the service of human hands.

And if you ask God for something, ask for no earthly goods and fake treasure, and ask that he did direct path leading you into His kingdom, where everything is in eternal bliss and joy.

In his teaching Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is always true here, and not out there, always now, not sometime in the future. They are within us and outside of us, but we do not know how to log on.

The true teachings of Christ urges to know yourself, and do not blindly believe all life worshiping in temples and trying to find God in the scriptures. He says: "When you know yourselves, then will be accepted by God. When you know yourself and gain a true, all the secrets you will be open. "

Also, importantly, Jesus in his teaching gives a direct and unambiguous indication of the non-duality (advaita), warning of a separation (duality): "Do not separate the sky from the earth: for the sky is the continuation of the earth. And not separate themselves from the earth, for you have its sequel, and it — you continued. "

The following quotation from the teachings of Christ — "You're all beginning and end of everything. And when you see it — know the kingdom of God "- is often misunderstood, and therefore is treated incorrectly or even ignored. Here Jesus reminds us of the non-duality — all one, all the same, there is no "other." Separation between "I" and "not me" is illusory, false, and that the lie to conceal from us the kingdom of God — the unity (non-duality), eternity and bliss.

Then Jesus said, continuing the theme of unity, non-duality, "Woe to those who border on the ground and makes people share. For in the sky (in the kingdom of God) no boundaries (no duality), and on earth should not. I tell you, this division — the cause of strife and discord, whether sharing the language, on the boundaries, or by faith — all are one! "

Emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge with the words of Christ's teaching: "Only one thing to your liking — the Word of God (the true knowledge of non-duality) is rooted in you and bring forth its fruit (you enter the Kingdom of God — Unity). I say to you — Who has all the (material goods), in need of himself, he does not have anything. " The last part of the sentence requires explanation. People need happiness, eternity, and the true knowledge — these are the three components of the nature of the soul. Nothing can completely satisfy a man (soul), but to finding happiness, knowledge and eternity. Hence the phrase of Jesus' needs in yourself "means finding your true nature — eternity, knowledge and bliss. Every person truly needs it, but is aware of the need, only those who have realized that in the material world, nothing can be good enough substitute for eternity, knowledge, and happiness — of the "material" that makes up the soul.

And finally — the only commandment of Jesus Christ, found in its true teachings — LOVE! For Love is God. Christ says that there is no benefit from good deeds, if they are done without love.

Love — is the way to the Kingdom of God, and no other way. Love implies full acceptance, and in this full acceptance disappear false separation generated by the mind. Disappear when the false separation (duality) remains unity (advaita), which is the kingdom of God.

This is the true message of Jesus Christ.

Many may ask, "But how to reach the kingdom of God? How to accept and love all? What to do with love? ". And the answer is to remove the illusion of duality and self-knowledge. This technique can help to study the dualities that eliminate the illusion of duality, so that lead to self-knowledge — the knowledge of their true nature, which means that the acquisition of the kingdom of God.

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